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Siberian Ginseng Extract

Acanthopanax in Chinese medicine as a medication in widespread use has a long history, has a "fill in the Yijing, strong bones, strong Chi Italy" role, Jiufu "light-resistant old," and it also drug compatibility may "into the diet, strength and health, forget things."

  • OSH014
  • Latin Name: Eleutherococcus senticosus
  • Part Used: Root
  • Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Specification: 0.8%, 2%, 5% Eleutheroside B+E(Tested by HPLC)
  • Appearance: Brown yellow powder
Acanthopanax senticosus, also known as the five skin, acanthopanax sessiliforus (China northeast), first seen in "Shen Nong's herbal classic", listed as top grade. The top is non-toxic, light weight, long service can prolong life and harmless. Since ancient times, the thorn has been regarded as the essence of the essence and the role of anti - aging. Brand name Acanthopanax, had produced in the mountainous area of Heilongjiang Province, local name "tiger Taiwan," Xi said in Japan are called Yesso Acanthopanax, and in the former Soviet Union, also known as the Siberia ginseng.
Acanthopanax senticosus containing superoxide dismutase SOD (Superoxide dimutase) complex, SOD has good anti-oxidation function, can enhance human immunity and resist free radical attack effect, with antioxidant effects, can enhance human immunity, prevent aging and promote health.
1, the role of the central nervous system
There was a relationship between the nervous system and the functional state of the nervous system and the dosage of the nervous system. There is the role of the anti convulsion.
2, anti fatigue effect
Root of the root of the root of the root of the extract and glycosides have anti fatigue effect. The action of the glycosides is stronger than that of the extract of ginseng and ginseng.
3, anti-cancer effect
The extract of the root of the root of the root and the total glycosides of the animal experimental transplantation tumor, drug induced tumor, cancer metastasis and spontaneous leukemia have a certain inhibition, but also to reduce the toxicity of anticancer drugs.
4, increase the body's non-specific resistance effect
5, adjust the pathological process
It can change the pathological process of the body's stress response and prevent the hyperplasia of adrenal gland, decrease the content of cholesterol, decrease the thymus and decrease the gastric bleeding.
6, anti aging effect
There must be some anti-aging effects.
7, the role of the cardiovascular system
The extract of the thorn extract can expand the cerebral blood vessels and improve the blood supply of the brain. Ethanol extracts from the extracts of the leaves of the root and the extracts of the leaves have a strong inhibitory effect on the aggregation of platelets.
8, immune enhancement
The ability of the cells to produce the induced interferon was significantly increased, and the protective effect of the white blood cells induced by subcutaneous injection of cyclophosphamide was protective. Acanthopanax on liver poisoning were significantly improved, and can promote the body's ability to fight infection, have a certain role in the resistance and anti diuretic effect of Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection.
Transaction Terms:
Minimum order quantity:1 kg
Payment Approach:T/T     L/C     Western Union
Port:China Main Ports
Supply Capacity:
Supply Ability:1000kg per month
Delivery Date:3-5 working days after payment
Normal Package:Double plastic bag inside, aluminum foil bag or fiber drum outside.
          ***Support Free Sample but Freight Payed by Customer***
* Increased endurance/anti-fatigue
* Memory/learning improvement
* Anti-inflammatory
* Immunogenic
* Chemoprotective[citation needed
* Radiological protection
* Resisting inflammation.
* Having notable curative effect on neurasthenic, improving sleeping heartthrob, bad memory etc 
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