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Curcuma Longa Extract

Turmeric, rich in southern China a plant of the ginger family, is also edible and medicinal herbs, traditional medicine think with inducing menstruation to stop pain, blood circulation of Qi, dispelling cold anti-inflammatory and other effects. Modern research on the main chemical components of curcumin, WHO (WHO) and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) at the same time Jiang Huang and curcumin as food additives.

Cinnamon (Latin name: Cinnamomum cassia Presl), also known as cinnamon, cinnamon, Yushu, Guangxi, Guangxi, peace tree, China spicy cinnamon, cinnamon bark for drying of lauraceae. The bark can be used as spices, aromatic and taste similar from cinnamon cinnamon, but not spicy, cinnamon and cinnamon is delicious, thick. In North America, cinnamon powder does not ask from the Chinese cinnamon to suppress Sri Lanka cinnamon, do not add a different way to sell.
The main ingredient in turmeric curcumin, antioxidation, antitumor, hypolipidemic, hypoglycemic, anti ulcer, liver protection, anti myocardial ischemia, anti depression, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antifungal effect, can be used for the treatment of cancer, diabetes, coronary heart disease, arthritis, Alzheimer's disease (Alzheimer's disease) and other chronic diseases.
1, the hypolipidemic effects of turmeric: alcohol or ether extract, volatile oil and curcumin orally, can reduce the liver cholesterol lowering of plasma triglyceride, the effect is more significant, can make the plasma triglyceride decreased to normal level.
2: the antitumor effect of Curcuma ethanol extract can inhibit cancer cell growth. The active ingredient is mainly curcumin.Therefore, curcumin may act as an anticancer agent.
3, anti-inflammatory effects: curcumin can antagonize the angle of carrageenan induced rat Yi toes swelling, similar to a non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug.
4, the disease resistance of the original microbial effect: in vitro test, the concentration of curcumin one percent, Micrococuspyogenesvar. (Aureus) have inhibitory effect. Volatile oil has a strong anti fungal effect.
5, the effect of the cardiovascular system: Curcumin reduces the whole blood and plasma viscosity
6: Jiang Huang, choleretic effect of extract, curcumin, volatile oil, flavonoids, ginger ginger ene, borneol and sesquiterpene alcohol, has choleretic effect, can increase the generation and secretion of bile and can promote gallbladder contraction, and the effect of curcumin is the strongest.
Transaction Terms:
Minimum order quantity:1 kg
Payment Approach:T/T     L/C     Western Union
Port:China Main Ports
Supply Capacity:
Supply Ability:1000kg per month
Delivery Date:3-5 working days after payment
Normal Package:Double plastic bag inside, aluminum foil bag or fiber drum outside.
          ***Support Free Sample but Freight Payed by Customer***

Specification of Curcuma Extract 
Botanical Source: Curcuma Longa L.
Part used: Root
Specification: Curcumin 95%(Tested by HPLC)
  Appearance Saffron yellow powder
  Flavor & Odor Characteristic
  Particle size 100% pass 80 mesh
  Loss on Drying ≤5.0%
  Bulk density 45-60g/100ml          
  Sulphated Ash ≤5.0%
  GMO Free
  General Status Non-irradiated
  Pb ≤3mg/kg
  As ≤2mg/kg
  Hg  ≤0.1mg/kg
  Cd  ≤1mg/kg
  OPC ≥95%   Beta-smith   
  Total microbacterial count ≤1000/g 
  Yeast & Mold  ≤100/g 
  E.Coli Negative 
  Staphylococcus aureus Negative  
  Salmonella  Negative 
  Enterobacteriaceaes Negative