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  • Thailand 2023 Vitafoods Asia Exhibition, we are here

    We have finally welcomed the 2023 Vitafoods Asia exhibition in Thailand, and as one of the exhibitors of this exhibition, we will arrive on September 18, 2023.Exhibition addressQueen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC), Bangkok, Thailand. M3460 Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, Ratcha   Read More>

  • Solutions to Nutritional Imbalance-rice protein powder

    Recently, a new Dietary supplement called "rice protein powder" has attracted wide attention.It is reported that due to the single dietary structure and uneven nutrition of modern people, many people lack nutrients such as protein. The emergence of this new type of Dietary supplement fills the gap i   Read More>

  • In the food industry, you must understand barley seedling powder

    In recent years, with the increasing pursuit and awareness of healthy living, the importance of food nutrients has gradually become prominent. Barley seedling powder is receiving increasing attention from consumers due to its excellent nutritional composition and good functionality. So, what are the   Read More>

  • Healthy Ingredients Exhibition, we're here

    On June 19, 2023, as a well-known enterprise in the Chinese plant extract industry, we participated in the 24th Healthy Natural Raw Material Food Ingredients China Exhibition as scheduled. This exhibition has a grand scale and a large number of booths, with companies from all over the country partic   Read More>

  • What is soybean phosphatidylcholine raw material

    Soybean phosphatidylcholine is a common phospholipid substance with important biological functions. As a raw material industry, soybean phosphatidylcholine has a wide range of applications, such as food, health products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and other fields. So, what is soybean phosphatidylc   Read More>

  • Six Nutritional Values of Soybean Protein

    Soybean is a very important crop, not only its beans can be used as food, but also can be processed into soybean milk, tofu and other foods. Among them, soybean protein, as a high-quality protein, has irreplaceable nutritional value. This article will introduce the six major nutritional values of so   Read More>

  • The 86th China International Health and Nutrition Expo gathers experts

    The China International Health and Nutrition Expo is an important exhibition in the field of China's health industry. Since its first held in 1992, it has become one of the major events in the field of health in China. This year is the 86th exhibition, held from May 9th to 11th at the Qingdao Intern   Read More>

  • What is Elderberry Extract

    Elderberry extract is a medicinal ingredient made from Elderberry plants as raw materials.Elderberry plant is a natural plant in Europe and North America, with medicinal value in its leaves, flowers, and fruits. Elderberry leaves contain various nutrients such as folic acid, fructose and glucose, vi   Read More>

  • Application scenarios of elderberry fruit extract

    Elderberry fruit extract is a widely used natural plant extract, mainly composed of bitter gourd glycoside, quercetin, etc. Elderberry fruit extract has a wide range of applications in fields such as medicine, cosmetics, and food. Medical aspectElderberry fruit extract can be used to treat diseases   Read More>

  • Usage of yeast protein powder

    Yeast protein powder is a very nutritious food additive made by extracting and processing yeast. It has the characteristics of high protein, high fiber, and low fat, making it a good helper for health, beauty, and weight loss. However, as a supplier of yeast protein powder raw materials, we do not r   Read More>

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