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  • Miraculous herb: South African drunk eggplant Ashwagandha

    In the ancient Ayurveda treatment system in India, there is a plant with many medicinal and health preserving values, which can reduce stress and anxiety, improve energy, improve sleep, reduce your desire for food and assist you in having a better married life.Now, you may find it on the menu of Eur   Read More>

  • What does the Mid Autumn Festival mean to the Chinese people?

    What is the Mid Autumn Festival in China?China's Mid Autumn Festival, also known as the festival of sacrificing the moon, the moon birthday, the moon's Eve, the autumn festival, the Mid Autumn Festival, the moon worship Festival, the moon mother's day, the Moon Festival, and the reunion festival, is   Read More>

  • The great value of small sesame seeds

    Sesame, also known as jute, jute, is a seed species of jute that is found throughout the world in tropical regions as well as in some temperate regions. The color of sesame seeds has a heterogenous, white, or black component and is dominated by black and white. Take the oil to win the white sesame a   Read More>

  • Natural high Antioxidant Rosemary

    Rosemary (Latin scientific name: Rosmarinus officinalis) is a Labiatae shrub. It likes warm climate and is native to Europe and the Mediterranean coast in northern Africa. It was introduced to China as far back as the Wei Dynasty. Antioxidant and rosemary essential oil with excellent antioxidant pro   Read More>

  • What is anthocyanin ?
    What is anthocyanin ?

    Anthocyanins, also known as anthocyanins, are a kind of water-soluble natural pigments widely existing in plants in nature. They are colored aglycones obtained by hydrolysis of anthocyanins. Most of the main color substances in fruits, vegetables and flowers are related to it. Under the conditions   Read More>

  • What is Cepharanthine?

    Recently, the new crown treatment drug discovered by Chinese scientists has been authorized by the national invention patent. The patent specification shows that 10um (micromol / L) stephanine inhibits coronavirus replication by 15393 times. Professor tongyigang, the inventor of the patent and Dea   Read More>

  • Cichoric acid, a popular plant ingredient in the epidemic Era

    COVID-19 spreads all over the world, making many people pay attention to how to improve their immunity while paying attention to external protection.Immunity is a defense mechanism of the human body itself. One is innate immune function, the other is acquired immune function and innate immune system   Read More>

  • Have you heard about the new cellular meat?

    In 2019, the global market value of meat substitutes was US $4532.6 million, which is expected to reach US $7106.7 million by 2025. The compound annual growth rate from 2020 to 2025 is expected to be 7.7%. Among the specific product segments, cell meat (also known as laboratory cultured meat) is t   Read More>

  • Which plant contains high protein?

    With consumer health awareness and environmental issues related to climate change, the alternative protein market is ushering in a market stage of rapid development, which is mainly driven by the following three factors. First, the global population continues to grow and is expected to exceed 10   Read More>

  • Ashwaganda, Will it maintain a strong growth trend in 2022?

    Ashwaganda, Will it maintain a strong growth trend in 2022?In 2018, Ashwaganda ranked 34th. It first appeared in 40 popular herbal medicines in mainstream retail. Up to now, according to the 2021 U.S. dietary supplement market report released by the market research company spins, Ashwaganda has beco   Read More>

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