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Rosa Roxburghii VC Extract

Rosa roxburghii product name: Rosa roxburghii VC extract
Plant source: Rosa spinosa
Application part: fruit
Specification: SOD 2000U/g, vitamin C 5%
Detection method: TLC
Appearance: off-white to light yellow fine powder
Mesh size: 80 mesh
Use: dietary supplement, functional drink
Bulk density: 40-60g/100ml
Samples: free samples are available (20g or as discussed)

Rosa roxburghii VC extract

Rosa roxburghii is a fruit native to southwest China and the largest in Guizhou Province. Its fruit is fleshy, nutritious and has a strong special flavor.

The fruit is oblate, densely covered with soft thorns, golden in color, and contains special fragrance. The weight of a single fruit varies from 10 to 20 grams, with the maximum of 25 grams; After removing the thorn, it can be eaten raw, pickled, brewed or dried as medicine.

 Rosa roxburghii enhances resistance

Nutritional content of Rosa roxburghii extract

Vitamin C is 3730mg in 100g Rosa roxburghii.

Vitamin P is 2100 mg in 100 g of Rosa roxburghii.

Vitamin E is 2.4-3.6mg in 100g Rosa roxburghii.

In 100g of Rosa roxburghii, the content of B1 is 0.025mg.

In 100g of Rosa roxburghii, the content of B2 is 0.02mg.

In 100g of Rosa roxburghii, the content of SOD is 32100U.

In 100g of Rosa roxburghii, the tannin content is 0.65% - 1.644%.

Amino acid content is 1300mg in 100g Rosa roxburghii.

The total dietary fiber content is 5.7 mg in 100 g of Rosa roxburghii.

The total acid content is 12.7g in 1000g Rosa roxburghii.

Zinc content is 1.82 mg in 1000 g of Rosa roxburghii.

Iron content is 3.11mg in 1000g Rosa roxburghii.

Main effects of Rosa roxburghii VC extract

1. Rosa roxburghii enhances resistance: Rosa roxburghii contains a variety of nutrients, among which the content of vitamin C is more than 10 times that of kiwi fruit. It is the fruit with the highest vitamin C found today, and is known as "the king of Vc". According to research, Vc can promote the formation of body antibodies, have anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-cancerous effects, and enhance the body's resistance to diseases.

2. Anti-aging: Rosa roxburghii is rich in superoxide dismutase (SOD), an active substance derived from living organisms, which can eliminate harmful substances (free radicals) produced by organisms in the process of metabolism. Constantly replenishing SOD to human body can improve the activity of SOD in human body, reduce the concentration of lipid peroxide (LPO), free radicals, etc., and have special anti-aging effect.

3. Antiscurvy: scurvy is a disease caused by vitamin C deficiency. Vitamin C is also called ascorbic acid. The rich intake of vitamin C can cure scurvy. Rosa roxburghii is known as the "king of Vc" and has the function of preventing and treating scurvy.

4. Anticancer and anticancer: We all know that nitrite and nitrite have carcinogenic effects. Research shows that vitamin C interacts with substances with alkylating agents, such as nitrite, to make nitrite lose its carcinogenic effect. The content of Rosa roxburghii VC extract is very high, and has a strong anticancer effect.

5. Strengthen the stomach and digestion, detoxify, reduce the three highs, prevent and treat beriberi, treat night blindness, treat oral inflammation, etc.



Product Name: Rosa roxburghii VC extract

Origin of Material: china

Botanical Source: Rosa spinosa

Part Used: fruit











Sieve Analysis

95% pass 80 mesh

Loss on Drying


2 hours at 105°C

Bulk Density


Total Ash


Heavy Metals









Microbiological Test

Total Plate Count


Yeast & Mold    


E.Coli E                  




Storage: In a cool & dry place. Keep away from strong light and heat.

Shelf Life: 2 years when properly stored.

* There is likely to be minor color variation from batch to batch due to geographical(origin) and seasonal variations of the material.



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