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kelp Extract


  • Latin Name: Laminaria Japonica.
  • Part Used: Vegetable
  • Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Specification: Fucoidan ,Fucoxanthin 10%-98%
  • Appearance: Brown fine powder


Kelp is a growth in the low temperature water in large marine brown plant genus, seaweed, can be used in mixing, burning, stewing, braising and cooking methods. Kelp (Laminaria japonica) Phaeophyceae, laminariaceae. Spore body large, brown, flat ribbon, the longest up to 20M. Blade, a handle and a holdfast, a holdfast rhizoidal. Leaf blade was composed of epidermis, cortex and medulla. With a mucus chamber, can secrete slippery substances. The holdfast branch, for attachment of submarine rock. Grow in the lower water temperature of the sea. Coastal areas of northern China and Zhejiang, Fujian, a large number of coastal cultivation, the world's first production. Rich in alginate and edible iodine, and extraction of iodine, algin, mannitol and other industrial raw materials. The thallus can be used as medicine.
Kelp is a kind of vegetable with high nutritional value, and it has some medicinal value. Rich in iodine and other mineral elements. Low and medium protein content, rich in minerals, the study found that calorie kelp, kelp has a variety of biological functions of reducing blood fat, lowering blood sugar, regulating immunity, anti coagulation, anti tumour, lead detoxification and antioxidant etc..
1,Anti radiation
Kelp polysaccharide has anti radiation effect on inhibiting the apoptosis of immune cells.
2,Slimming effect
Kelp is low in heat and full of colloid and mineral. Kelp is also rich in soluble fiber, more easily digested and absorbed than the general fiber to help the body smooth defecation. But we can put the kelp as a snack or dessert, because not long fat kelp.
3,Hairdressing effect
Kelp in addition to containing iodine, calcium, sulfur, but also contains iron, sodium, magnesium, potassium, cobalt, phosphorus, mannitol and vitamin B1, B2, C and other substances. These nutrients are of great benefit to the hair salon. Therefore, often eat kelp, the growth of hair, moist, black, light has a special effect.
Kelp is rich in calcium and iodine elements, contribute to the synthesis of thyroid hormone, these two elements, not only beauty, but also the role of anti-aging.
5,Eatbrain brain
Kelp contains taurine, he can play a very important role in the development and growth of children's brain. Kelp also contains a brown surface to promote children's development of its high content of glutamic acid, liver oil 30 times, can brain Bunao, help children to grow healthy.
6,"GI scavenger"
Kelp is rich in cellulose, can be in time to clear the gut of waste and toxins, therefore, can effectively prevent the occurrence of rectal cancer and constipation.
Transaction Terms:
Minimum order quantity:1 kg
Payment Approach:T/T     L/C     Western Union
Port:China Main Ports
Supply Capacity:
Supply Ability:1000kg per month
Delivery Date:3-5 working days after payment
Normal Package:Double plastic bag inside, aluminum foil bag or fiber drum outside.
          ***Support Free Sample but Freight Payed by Customer***