Premix refers to a mixture of one or more additive raw materials (or monomers) and carriers or diluents (thinners) stirred evenly. The purpose is to facilitate the uniform dispersion of trace amounts of raw materials in a large number of formulations
Classification of Premixes

1. Single premix feed is a homogeneous mixture composed of a single additive raw material or multiple feed additives of the same type and carriers or diluents. It is mainly due to the very low use of a certain or a certain type of additive, which requires primary premix to be more evenly distributed in bulk feed. In production, a single vitamin, a single trace element (selenium, iodine, cobalt, etc.), and multiple vitamins are often used, Multiple trace elements are first pre mixed into individual pre mixed materials

2. Compound premix is a homogeneous mixture made by mixing various types of feed additives with carriers or diluents according to the formula and actual requirements, such as trace elements, vitamins, and other components
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