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  • What is anthocyanin ?
    What is anthocyanin ?

    Anthocyanins, also known as anthocyanins, are a kind of water-soluble natural pigments widely existing in plants in nature. They are colored aglycones obtained by hydrolysis of anthocyanins. Most of the main color substances in fruits, vegetables and flowers are related to it. Under the conditions   Read More>

  • What is Cepharanthine?

    Recently, the new crown treatment drug discovered by Chinese scientists has been authorized by the national invention patent. The patent specification shows that 10um (micromol / L) stephanine inhibits coronavirus replication by 15393 times. Professor tongyigang, the inventor of the patent and Dea   Read More>

  • Cichoric acid, a popular plant ingredient in the epidemic Era

    COVID-19 spreads all over the world, making many people pay attention to how to improve their immunity while paying attention to external protection.Immunity is a defense mechanism of the human body itself. One is innate immune function, the other is acquired immune function and innate immune system   Read More>

  • Ashwaganda, Will it maintain a strong growth trend in 2022?

    Ashwaganda, Will it maintain a strong growth trend in 2022?In 2018, Ashwaganda ranked 34th. It first appeared in 40 popular herbal medicines in mainstream retail. Up to now, according to the 2021 U.S. dietary supplement market report released by the market research company spins, Ashwaganda has beco   Read More>

  • What is the best food for pet dog?

    Insect protein has become the highlight of product formula For most pet owners, protein content is one of the important evaluation criteria for purchasing cat and dog food products, especially cat food. At present, the protein of most cat food on the market can reach 30% - 35%, while the protein in   Read More>

  • Is vegetable milk healthy?

    Is vegetable milk popular? The global market is experiencing the upsurge of "plant-based" food. The continuous growth of the market share of plant-based food is very significant, and this transformation will continue. According to the market data released by statista, the global plant-based food ma   Read More>

  • What more potential health ingredients are waiting to be explored in the pet food market?

    What more potential health ingredients are waiting to be explored in the pet food market?   Read More>

  • Five trends of food and beverage in 2022 and grasp new opportunities for health

    Under the great Health and fitness, there are five hot health trends worthy of attention: decompression and sleeping, intestinal health, renewable agriculture, sustainable packaging and new mushroom products. ‍By April 2022, the current situation of epidemic prevention and control is still severe an   Read More>

  • Do you know the development of functional sugar alcohols in the market?

    Sugar is crucial to our life activities. It is one of the important energy sources for all biological activities. With the development of industrial revolution, the use of sugar has made great progress. The relationship between sugar intake and people's health has changed. Excessive sugar intake w   Read More>

  • what is oat beta-glucan used for?

    When it comes to oats, the vast majority of Chinese people start with oatmeal; Oatmeal has strong satiety, low glycemic index and rich nutrients. Modern people like to eat it for breakfast.   Read More>

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