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Exhibition updates

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    It’s very happy to see many new and regular customers on the second day of FIA in Thailand. If you haven’t come yet, please do not miss the last day of the exhibition, Oasier is still waiting for your visit!1) Exhibition: Fi Asia-Thailand 20172) Time: September 13 to 15, 20173) Place: BITEC, Bangkok   Read More>

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    2017 Fi Asia-Thailand just opened yesterday in Bangkok, let’s have a look of Oasier at Day 1 ! :)Warmly welcome to visit Oasier in following two days!1) Exhibition: Fi Asia-Thailand 20172) Time: September 13 to 15, 20173) Place: BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand4) Booth No.: B2, Hall 104   Read More>

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    We will exhibit on Fi Asia in Thailand from Sep.13-15, 2017   Read More>

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    The results of some research show that in the daily diet, high β-glucan diet can increase the viscosity of the human intestinal tract, slow down the stomach emptying, then it makes digest and absorb food more easier and can reduce low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels. This may be related to an increase in intestinal mucosity caused by the intake of β-glucan, and subsequent increase in bile acid and neutral sterol excretion, all these have reduced the low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels. Therefore, regular consumption of β-glucan-rich barley can help people control weight.   Read More>

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    Recently, Japan's leading manufacturer of raw materials for functional foods Omunika use of bilberry extract for randomized controlled trials, once again confirmed the effectiveness of blueberry relieve eye fatigue. The seri   Read More>

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    In recent years, many experts in the field of enterprises to obtain a breakthrough for the development of a variety of plant extracts, plant effective ingredient extraction means to let more natural elements instead of artificial elements, and further enrich the functional food and medicine has a po   Read More>

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    Fruit is rich in flavonoids, anthocyanins and polyphenols and other substances, and its extract on the treatment of heart disease, hypertension and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases have special effects.   Read More>

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    In all kinds of plant anticancer drug, paclitaxel is particularly remarkable. Taxol can specifically target cancer cells with tubulin targeting mitosis, have no effect on normal cells, but also for advanced ovarian cancer, He Jie Jenkins disease, Kaposi's sarcoma and advanced non small cell lung cancer with malignant tumors, so since 1992 after the market quickly swept the world   Read More>

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    Bitter gourd extract has a good effect of lowering blood sugar, known as the plant insulin. The whole composition of the extract for type two diabetes taking three times a day, each 2G, can maintain the normal level of blood sugar, because it is plant extraction, so compared with western medicine hypoglycemic drugs, non-toxic side effects.   Read More>

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    Tea polyphenols is a complex of 30 kinds of phenolic compounds which are isolated and purified from natural tea, which accounts for about 30% of the dry weight of tea. Among them, the highest alcohols content of xanthan, high Dacha polyphenols 80%.   Read More>

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