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  • The Efficacy of Soy Isoflavones - Prevent Menopausal Syndrome

    The Efficacy of Soy Isoflavones - Prevent Menopausal SyndromeWhat is the efficacy and action of soy isoflavones?First, prevent women’s menopausal syndrome. Decline in estrogen levels is the main cause of menopausal syndrome. Domestic and international clinical researchers have proven hat: soy isofla   Read More>

  • The Function of Rhodiola Rosea Extract-Protect the cardiovascular

    The Function of Rhodiola Rosea Extract-Protect the cardiovascular1.Enhance human immunity. Rohdiola rosea extracct rosavins stimulate the immune system in two ways: First, specific direct stimulus to immune defense. Rosavins normalizes the immune system by improving T- cell. Second, make the human b   Read More>

  • Fenugreek Extract Can Safely accelerate Visceral Fat Consumption

    Fenugreek Extract Can Safely accelerate Visceral Fat Consumption Recently, a panel of independent experts issued a statement that Novel Ingredient Services' proprietary sports nutrition Physicor received the FDA's self-assessment GRAS certification. The ingredient is patented Fenugreek, which suppo   Read More>

  • Dandelion &Tripterygium Extracts May Can Be Made Into "Molecular Condoms"

    Dandelion &Tripterygium Extracts May Can Be Made Into "Molecular Condoms" American scientists found that chemicals extracted from plants such as dandelion and tripterygium can effectively inhibit sperm mobility, and may can be used to make contraceptives. Researchers at the University of California   Read More>

  • Several Common Instant Tea Powders and Applications

    Instant tea powder as tea extract, can effectively concentrate the active ingredients in tea together. It not only save the complicated procedure of drinking tea, but also support the flakes or small bottles packing for easy everyday carry. Only a very small daily dose can achieve health benefits e   Read More>

  •  Plant Extracts in Cosmetics

    Plant Extracts in Cosmetics   Read More>

  • Black Sesame Extract Effectively Prevents Menopausal Women from Breast Cancer

    Studies have shown that black sesame extract has a potential anticancer function and effect on rats with breast cancer. In the experiment, total 388 female rats of 56 weeks old were randomly divided into 4 groups. The three groups were given black cochlea extract - 27% triterpene glycosides by in   Read More>

  • Various Malt Extracts Enrich China Food Ingredient Market

    In recent years, a kind of "inulin" natural polysaccharide has swept the world. Modern pharmacological studies have shown that inulin in the human digestive tract can not be decomposed by enzyme, thus it will not be absorbed. In other words, even if the human body eat many inulins, postprandial bloo   Read More>

  • How to Eat Garlic in A Healthier Way?

    It had been thousands of years since people used garlic for medical purpose. Eating garlic or taking nutritional supplement of garlic extract is often considered as a natural way to lower cholesterol, blood pressure and reduce heart disease risk.But how to eat garlic in a healthier way? 1.Mashed g   Read More>

  • U.S. Expand the Scope of Spirulina Extract as Colorant

    U.S. Expand the Scope of Spirulina Extract as ColorantJuly 3, 2017, the US Food and Drug Administration issued 82 FR 30731 and revised 21 CFR 73 part about expanding the scope of Spirulina extract to be used in dyeing eggshell and setting the dosage conform to the good manufacturing practices.The re   Read More>

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