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Five trends of food and beverage in 2022 and grasp new opportunities for health

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  Under the great Health and fitness, there are five hot health trends worthy of attention: decompression and sleeping, intestinal health, renewable agriculture, sustainable packaging and new mushroom products. ‍

  By April 2022, the current situation of epidemic prevention and control is still severe and complex. After experiencing the impact of the epidemic wave after wave, people pay more attention to health. In terms of dietary demand, according to the Nielsen survey data in 2021, about 80% of the respondents said that they will continue to pay attention to relevant healthy diets after the epidemic, which is not limited to the single category demand to improve immunity, but also involved in the fields of emotional sleep, intestinal health, beauty and beauty.

  It can be seen that the diversified demand of consumers for health undoubtedly promotes the development and innovation of relevant functional products and raw materials in the food and beverage market. What health problems and fields will consumers pay attention to in the second half of 2022?

Decompression sleep

  The epidemic is rampant in the world, which virtually intensifies the pressure faced by consumers every day, especially in terms of mood and sleep. According to a study by the American Psychological Association, nearly 78% of adults believe that New Coronavirus is one of the important sources of stress in their lives, and over 70% of them worry that long-term stress and anxiety can affect their health.

  In addition to regulating emotions through exercise, more and more consumers hope to reduce anxiety and maintain mental health through functional products, so they turn their attention to functional products such as vitamins and nutritional supplements.

  At present, the common ingredients of decompression and sleep products on the market can be roughly divided into three types: plant extracts, such as South African drunk eggplant, saffron, chamomile, etc; Amino acids, such as GABA, L-theanine, lactoferrin, etc; Compounds, such as melatonin, magnesium containing compounds, CBD, etc.


Intestinal health

  Relevant research data show that the intestinal tract contains about 60-80% of the human immune system and tissues. If the intestinal tract is unbalanced, it will lead to further immune health problems. Affected by the epidemic, consumers' attention to intestinal health has continued to rise in recent years, and the closely related probiotic market is also booming.

   In the field of intestinal health, the probiotic industry has experienced a transformation from "probiotics can live to the intestine", to taking the name and number of probiotics as the basis for regulating intestinal function, and then to the application of specific functional probiotics. From the perspective of intestinal health, probiotics, prebiotics, synbiotics and epigenetics all play an important role in the human body.

  Probiotics are widely used in various fermented foods, such as yogurt, tea and pickles; As an auxiliary component to promote the reproduction of probiotics and provide nutrition, prebiotics can also be found in dietary supplements or functional soft candy on the market. The new generation of components epigenetics is a general term for the beneficial bacterial components of probiotics after processing, including bacteria and metabolites. The lipid wall acid contained in it can protect epigenetics from acid, alkali and high temperature, and its stable nature is conducive to participate in product processing and manufacturing.


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