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Is vegetable milk healthy?

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Is vegetable milk healthy?

The global market is experiencing the upsurge of "plant-based" food. The continuous growth of the market share of plant-based food is very significant, and this transformation will continue. According to the market data released by statista, the global plant-based food market will reach US $77.8 billion in 2025 and is expected to grow further. The market will more than double in 2030.

Plant based: low calorie, vegetarian, environmentally friendly

Many factors contribute to the rapid development of plant-based foods. Plant-based foods have the advantages of being "low in calories, vegetarian, and environmentally friendly." In the post-epidemic period, an increasing number of consumers are turning to plant-based products that align with their beliefs and have the potential to improve both individual and environmental health. Vegetarians are also an internal driving force in the growth of the plant-based sector. "Elastic vegetarians" account for 6.4% of the global population, "pure vegetarians" account for 4% of the global population, and the vegetarian population is still growing.

Previously, plant-based food had a more than ten-year development history in European and American markets. The worldwide plant-based food industry entered the first year of the outbreak in 2020, with an unceasing stream of start-ups entering the race, and the local plant-based market showing a clear growth trend in 2019.

Plant-based applications include plant meat, plant eggs, plant milk, and so on.

Plant-based downstream applications in the global market primarily include plant meat, plant egg, plant milk, plant beverage, plant protein, and other subcategories; at the same time, retailers and catering service providers are collaborating with plant-based food brands to meet the diverse needs of consumers.

Overall, the surge of plant-based has become increasingly intensive in terms of new entrants, product applications, market demand, and even downstream brand collaboration.

Plant-based cuisine is evolving in a "diversified" manner.

According to available data, 79 million American families buy plant-based products, and consumers are very interested in plant-based diets. Plant-based food is especially popular among millennials and generation Z, who make for 47% of the U.S. population. Affected by the worldwide epidemic, inflation and rising food prices may cause some consumers to lower their shopping frequency and pay attention to expenses, but plant-based food is increasingly entering consumers' shopping carts.


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