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The great value of small sesame seeds

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The great value of small sesame seeds

Sesame, also known as jute, jute, is a seed species of jute that is found throughout the world in tropical regions as well as in some temperate regions. 

The color of sesame seeds has a heterogenous, white, or black component and is dominated by black and white. Take the oil to win the white sesame and conquer the black sesame.

Because sesame has a long history of cultivation in China and the climate is also suitable for large-area cultivation, sesame has become one of the four major edible oil crops in China.

From ancient to present times, the table resident sesame has a very long and rich food history in the country. With a high oil content of 61%, sesame seed is considered to be the oldest oil crop known to humans. 

Oil extraction with sesame seeds has been widely adopted since Jindai. From the East Han Dynasty, sesame seeds were consumed as a cooking material, making it very suitable as a fillings or sauce for pastry snacks due to its high oil content and mouthfeel aroma, such as in the form of sesame cake, sesame sugar, dough, honey shortening, sesame sauce, etc.

Until today, sesame seeds are still table frequent and have a unique position in the unanticipated session, ranging from raw fried to porridge to stir fry, from protagonist to gamete, and arguably as a hitchhiking to match various dishes.

Sesame dessert

There are legends in the river and lake, but the real nutritious wealthy mentioned that it is not old to supplement Five Herbs with sesame seeds, improve Qi power, long muscle, fill brain pulp, long take suit and light body. 

Although it now seems that these claims are not immune to an exaggerated composition, the nutritional versus medicinal value of sesame seeds is indeed not small. 

Traditional Chinese medicine is passed down in a homologous culture as well as anecdotal legends, and in terms of medicinal value, sesame also has the efficacy of toning liver and kidney, Yijing blood, moistening the intestine, and preparing milk.

It can be used for the treatment of asthenia, dizziness and tinnitus, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, cough, asthenia, premature hair graying, anemia chlorosis, deficiency of mouth fluid, stool drying, milk less, urine blood and other conditions.

But as a super food material, sesame itself does have something at the nutritional level, and sesame contains a lot of fat and protein, among which are mainly glycerolipids such as oleic, linoleic, palmitic, and arachidic acids; Also contains sterol, sesamin, sesamol, folic acid, nicotinic acid, sucrose, lecithin, protein; Also dietary fiber, sugars, vitamin A, vitamins B1, B2, niacin, vitamin E, lecithin, calcium, iron, magnesium and other nutrients. And has been hailed as the "" crown of eight grains "" in cereals such as "" Panicum, grass, rice, sorghum, gramineous grain, HUS, and wheat "".

Nutritional elements of sesame

From oil extraction to consumption, and from making an angle to a protagonist, the multifaceted value of sesame has finally been seen according to the data of the Huajing Industry Research Institute, currently 80% of the consumption of sesame is dominated by oil use and consumption, with industrial, medicinal, and feed consumption accounting for 20%. 

Sesamina ranks among one of the major oil crops in China, so for a long time, sesamina has been developed in the kitchen area as a condiment to subdivide the categories and cooking gametes. Whereas, with the nutritional and edible value of sesame itself being excavated, innovations and breakthroughs in the processing technology of sesame, and the development of sesame as a protagonist in the categories of snacks and beverages, black sesame paste and sesame milk are success stories.

In 2018, Tongliao, Inner Mongolia, succeeded in developing "" a new technique for the extraction and isolation of sesamin "" and further exploited the new value of sesamin.

How much innovation is still possible for a small sesame seed?

Having gone through thousands of years of tonic health preserving cognitive education from ancient to thousands of years, what more subdivided value and application scenarios can be mined by a seated thousand fans preferring sesame seeds over black sesame paste or black sesame pills? From the sesame seed itself, in what dimensions can we explore more innovations possible about it?

1) Saving bees, friendly to earth... From a sustainable story of how to kill a blood road in a plant protein drink monopolized by players such as almond milk, oat milk, the sesame milk brand hope & Sesame gives a new idea on the product concept based on nutritional and environmental benefits.

sesame milk

Almond planting requires bees to pollinate small groves within a short time, millions of bees are transported in and more than 30% die from stress and pesticide poisoning. And sesame seeds are able to self pollinate and avoid extensive sacrifice by commercial bees. In addition, compared to almond milk, which is notorious for high water consumption, hope & Sesame noted that its sesame milk produced 95% less water than almond milk and 75% less than oat milk. An important reason for this is that sesame is a drought tolerant plant because it has an extensive root system and is able to grow well in hot and dry areas.

buy sesame

2) Functional superposition buff

Karviva introduced a collagen sports drink with fruit, sesame seed, and salmon collagen as the main ingredients. This product is rich in electrolytes, vitamins, and antioxidants and helps with nutrient replenishment, physical recovery during and after exercise, shortlisted for the 2020 world beverage Innovation Grand Prize "" best fruit drinks "" award.

3) The eye's black, distinctive alcoholic, gold gamete

In addition to the nutritional value and sustainability of sesame itself, the unique color and flavor of sesame seeds can likewise produce novel "" chemical reactions "" in more categories of applications.

In the early years, a form of "" Black Canadian iron "" began to rise in Shanghai and Beijing. A nearly pure coffee substrate was created by edible bamboo char powder or the addition of black sesame powder with black sesame milk, and the white drags were on black white contrast with strong visual impact, much like the Chinese ink.

Combining black sesame with dairy products, the superimposition of the taste and flavor is drenching and enriching the character of the highly alcoholic aroma.

In Japan, taking inspiration from Asian desserts, アジア tea house (Asian tea house) launched a black and white sesame smelling Budin that interwoven the floral aroma of white sesame seeds and the thick aroma of black sesame seeds, paired with dairy products, and the heavy alcohol texture of the two raw materials blended with each other to make an impression.

The introduced iron drink for black sesame Canada uses Hokkaido cream combined with flavored black sesame seeds and milk. Each bottle contains about 1500 black sesame seeds with a comparable amount of sesamin. The mouthfeel of black sesame can be felt and is an undruggable drink for people who like sesame.

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