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What is anthocyanin ?

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What is anthocyanin ?

  Anthocyanins, also known as anthocyanins, are a kind of water-soluble natural pigments widely existing in plants in nature. They are colored aglycones obtained by hydrolysis of anthocyanins. Most of the main color substances in fruits, vegetables and flowers are related to it. Under the conditions of different pH values of plant cell vacuoles, anthocyanins make the petals show colorful colors. Anthocyanins are glycoside derivatives, and their basic structure is as follows:


  In 2019, China's anthocyanin market scale was 455 million yuan, in 2020, the anthocyanin market scale was 477 million yuan, and in 2021, the market scale reached 499 million yuan.

  At present, there are more than 500 manufacturers involved in the production of plant extracts in China, including more than 200 export companies. The production and operation are scattered, mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, of which about 10 are large and influential, and can provide black rice anthocyanin products. Anthocyanin market saturation is not high.

  Because anthocyanins have many functions, such as preventing cancer, promoting blood circulation, improving vision, anti-oxidation, resisting the early formation of skin wrinkles, improving sleep, protecting and stabilizing vitamin C, inhibiting lipid oxidation and so on, they have great application potential in food, cosmetics, medicine and so on. Therefore, the development and application of natural pigments has become the general trend of the development of edible pigments in the world.

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