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What is the best food for pet dog?

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What is the best food for pet dog?

Insect protein has become the highlight of product formula

  For most pet owners, protein content is one of the important evaluation criteria for purchasing cat and dog food products, especially cat food. At present, the protein of most cat food on the market can reach 30% - 35%, while the protein in canned meat can reach 40% - 50%.


Whether pet cats or dogs, protein intake can maintain the metabolic needs of the body and maintain tissue renewal and growth. The only difference is that dogs and cats have different needs for protein. According to the dry food standard issued by the American Association of feed control officials (AAFCO), adult dogs need 18% protein to maintain body nutrition, while cats need up to 26% protein to maintain body nutrition.

Trend of insect protein


 Whether crickets, pink insects or black water flies, protein rich insects have attracted the attention of the pet food market. On the one hand, they are due to their high content of protein, on the other hand, they are related to environmental sustainability. A review study in the Netherlands in 2017 found that compared with livestock production, insects use less resources, emit less greenhouse gases and produce higher protein content.

The protein in pet food is mainly animal protein, including chicken, fish and some plant protein.

  Plant formula products mainly include barley, broad bean, oats, dry yeast, sweet potato and potato protein, while insect formula mainly includes dry black water gadfly larvae (bsfl), whole brown rice, whole wheat barley, oats and dry yeast. These two staple foods are easy to digest and contain omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. They are especially suitable for dogs who are sensitive to food.


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