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What is the role of alltride in aquaculture?

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What is the role of alltride in aquaculture?

  With the further development of aquaculture in the direction of intensification, scale and industrialization, the application and addition of feed components are becoming more and more common. Due to the great differences between aquatic animals and livestock and poultry in physiological structure and living mode, some commonly used disease prevention and growth promoting additives, especially antibacterial drugs, have no good effect in aquatic feed, and there are some adverse side effects such as drug residues and drug resistance.

  Therefore, looking for an additive that is more suitable for disease prevention and growth promotion in the application of aquatic feed has become the key to improve the quality of aquatic feed. Alltride is a new feed additive that is more suitable for the application of aquatic feed because it has a variety of effects in aquatic feed.


  Alltride is a natural antibacterial substance. It basically has no accumulation effect in fish body, will not produce residues in products, generally will not produce drug resistance, and has no teratogenic, carcinogenic, mutagenic and other side effects. It is an additive with high safety, low price and convenient use. What is the role of alltride in aquaculture?

  1. It can prevent many common diseases

The trisulfide and disulfide in alltride can enter the cytoplasm through the cell membrane of pathogenic bacteria and destroy the normal metabolism of pathogenic bacteria, so as to effectively inhibit and kill a variety of pathogenic microorganisms. Alltride has a good inhibitory and killing effect on the main pathogenic bacteria of fish, such as intestinal spotted Monas disease, trichomonas fluorescens and Myxococcus, so it can effectively prevent and control enteritis, gill rot, erythroderma Hemorrhagic disease and other common diseases to ensure the smooth growth of fish and improve the survival rate of fish. Alltride has a better inhibitory effect on the pathogen of grass carp enteritis and fulminant infectious diseases, below 1mg / L.

  2. Improve feed utilization

Therefore, garlic can effectively inhibit the digestion and secretion of a variety of pathogenic microorganisms, and can effectively reduce the utilization rate of garlic nutrients in the feed, which can effectively reduce the digestion efficiency of garlic and microorganisms. Under general feeding conditions, alltride can improve feed utilization by more than 10%.

  3. It has strong food inducing effect

Alltride has a particularly strong garlic flavor and a strong stimulating effect on the smell of most fish. It can attract fish to eat, avoid and reduce feed waste. It is a more effective food attractant and can replace other high priced and imported aquatic food attractants.

  4. Improve meat quality

Alltride contains various thioether compounds. Long term feeding can reduce fish cholesterol and improve the meat quality of aquatic animals.

But when we use Alltride, we should pay attention to its dosage. If the dosage of Alltride is too small, the effect is not obvious. If the dosage is too large, in addition to waste, the effect may also be counterproductive.

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