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About one of the most comprehensive health report of American Cranberry

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The American cranberry, was hailed as the "American ruby" super healthy fruit, before maybe you scattered the heard rumors it. But on the whole must be vague, today, let me take you to the American Cranberry do a most comprehensive health report, an exploration of what had happened.
"American ruby" past life

Cranberries, cranberry, cranberries, cranberry, English name (townships). Its name comes to formerly known as "crane berry", because Cranberry blossoms named for the crane head swaying in the wind.


In the early European settlers landed in North America, the United States has Cranberry is an important part of local life. North American Indians not only the American Cranberry as ingredients of a, it and the meat rub together to make patties, become important food carry, used to supplement the physical. But also the cranberry as antibiotic use, whether it is a blood disease, stomach, urinary system diseases, or who poisoned arrows, cranberries are as good medicine cure them.

With the development of the North American continent, the original production is not large American Cranberry subsequently entered public life, which, of course, is due to a unique way of planting on American cranberry. The American Cranberry every spring sowing and autumn harvest, harvest method is divided into "water" and "dry" two. Cranberry fruit contains 4 gas cavity, so it can float on the water. Water charge collection, farmers first Cranberry fields filled with water, then drove Train Tour field kick, shedding of cranberry fruit surface, and then the keurboom circle set screening. The waterwheel, red, and blue sky waves composed of sublime picture, often to appreciate tourists as the acme of perfection. As long as you can catch the harvest season, in the edge of the field experience of cranberry and dazzling red rock.

Be a must for Thanksgiving. From the beginning of 1962, Turkey and cranberry sauce is the American family Thanksgiving foods. Cranberry juice drink, more Americans must have the beverage refrigerator.


The taste of American Cranberry let Indians and contemporary Americans are obsessed with, but really leveraging play your love of it, is based on its unique and rich health value of procyanidins.

A little red berry, rich in great nutrition

Rutgers University maruchi blueberry and cranberry Research Center Amy Howell, and she and her team in the American Cranberry found a rare tannin compounds, as proanthocyanidins, this compound has a unique molecular structure, by preventing bacterial adhesion to cells in the body to prevent infection. The study was published in the new England Journal of medicine.

"Contained in cranberry proanthocyanidins, may because of this substance, so the cranberry is positive prevention action on gastric ulcer. Helicobacter pylori is the main bacterium of gastric ulcer." Dr. Amy Howell combined with Wisconsin, a professor of nutrition at Jess reed common on American Cranberry proanthocyanidins effect were studied. They found that 8 of American cranberry juice can make volunteers against gastric ulcer, get rid of adhesion of Helicobacter pylori. Interesting is, the same amount of grape juice, apple juice, green tea and chocolate - it contains a large amount of proanthocyanidin or related compounds, but they could not achieve American Cranberry the same effect.


The American Cranberry can not only reduce the incidence of gastric ulcer, but also have a preventive effect on urethral infection. Urinary tract infections are common in women, and even if they are cured, they are very easy to relapse. And American Cranberry have prevent adhesion of pathogenic bacteria in the mechanism of action in vivo and to cause urinary tract infections bacteria are hard to be attached to the urethral tube wall. In this way, even if the bacteria to overcome the difficult environment, or will be discharged with the urine in vitro. Therefore, UK researchers suggest, daily drink above 350CC of cranberry juice or Cranberry nutritional supplements for prevention of urinary tract infections and cystitis is very helpful.

Of course, the United States is more than the effect of cranberry. In anti-aging and beauty are very good. Rich in resistance to free radical substances - Bio flavonoids, coupled with the ability of the skin beautiful and healthy vitamin C. The precious North American ruby is able to resist time and time on the skin, on the other hand to add the necessary nutrients to the skin, want to change the young, but also very difficult.

American Cranberry supplements for health, various and simple, drink cranberry juice, eat dried cranberries, coated with cranberry sauce, and processing of various types of cranberry food, is the love of contemporary urban health family. Pick up your side cranberry, health up.

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