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Aloe vera, hairdressing health care is the pure natural plant

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The word "reed" intent of aloe vera is the meaning of black, the meaning of "hui" is a gathering.Because the origin of its name, the leaves of aloe vera juice is tan, meets the air will be oxidized to black, so named aloe.Aloe, Aloe vera (scientific name: Aloe vera) for liliaceous perennial evergreen herbs, leaves tufted, large and thick, block shaped or on apex of stems, leaves lanceolate or leaves often short, wide edge have sharp dentate.

Aloe vera is native to the Mediterranean, Africa, because of its easy to cultivate, for Mosaic with ornamental plants, loved by the public.According to research more than 300 kinds of wild varieties of aloe vera, and only six edible variety, have medicinal value of aloe varieties mainly include: the aloe vera, curacao aloe, aloe vera, cape of good hope, including yuanjiang aloe etc.

Aloe vera is edible, medicinal, beauty, ornamental plants.

The secrete the content (the main effective component is green quinones material such as aloin) has been widely used in medicine and cosmetic.Aloe vera in the Chinese folk were as beauty, hair care and natural medicine for the treatment of skin diseases.Aloe vera gel to mosquito ding has certain relieving itching.

Aloe hairdressing effect:

1,Aloe vera contains polysaccharides and a variety of vitamins to human skin with good nutrition, moisturizing and whitening effect.
2,Emerald green leaf aloe is most suitable for direct and beauty of fresh aloe vera leaves, namely curacao aloe vera, it make the skin convergence, soft, moisturizing, diminishing inflammation, the performance of the bleaching.
3,And remove hardened, diversification, improve scar effect, not only can prevent small wrinkles, eye bags, skin is flabby, still can keep skin moist, tender, and at the same time, also can treat inflammation of the skin of acne, freckles, acne and burns, wounds, insect bites, etc also have very good curative effect.
4,In addition, as well as to the hair, can make the hair moist and smooth, prevent hair loss.


The health benefits of aloe vera:

1,Aloe vera contains 75 kinds of elements, almost perfectly match with the human cells required material, has obvious health care value, people who called "magic", "family medicine cabinet.
2,Mucus of aloe vera (mucin, it is A protein), is A arboran A Baloe mannanaloetin polysaccharide as the core components, such as mucus class material is to prevent cell aging and important component for the treatment of chronic allergic.In addition, mucin and strong body, strong fine effect.
3,Formulation of aloe vera pulp to skin trauma, burns and X-ray local irradiation have a protective effect.
4,Aloe in the different calcium citrate, etc. With a strong heart, promote blood circulation, soften the hardening of the arteries, lower cholesterol, expansion of capillary effect, make the circulation of the blood flow, reduce cholesterol levels, reduce the financial burden on the heart, to keep blood pressure normal, from the blood "poison".
5,Aloin A and trauma peptide hormones and glycan dew (Ke - 2) has antiviral infection, promote wound healing, anti-inflammatory sterilization, endothermic detumescence, soften skin, keep the function of the cell vitality, polysaccharide gel with callus acid also has the activity of wound healing.

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