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Cranberry Concentrate Capsules

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 Cranberry Concentrate Capsules

Cranberry, also called cranberries, cranberry, English CranerrHolland & Barrett by, rich in many nutrients, and because it is not easy to preserve fresh Cranberry fruit, currently on the market the more common cranberry products, how to reconcile the fruit juice, dried fruit or lozenges nutrition auxiliary products, and it has been able to as a health food, in addition to being rich in fruits of the essential vitamin C, it also has many kinds of Vegetable & Fruit topped the throne circle among the highest content of nutrients, so for human health has many benefits.
The clinical research results show that the primary role of cranberry extract are: (1) to help prevent a variety of pathogenic bacteria growth and reproduction, to prevent these bacteria and cells in the body (such as urinary tract epithelial cells) occurrence of adhesion, prevention and control of women's urinary tract infection and inhibition of Helicobacter pylori infection; (2) to help maintain the integrity the bladder wall and urethral to maintain the normal values of pH.
This product can help you effectively:
Health benefits of one: the prevention of common urinary tract infections in women
Women's urethra is shorter than men, so more prone to infection, and once the urinary tract infections, even after the cure is also very easy to relapse. The cranberry will make the acidification of urine, urinary tract to become difficult bacteria growth environment, and also has a system to prevent disease in the bacterial adhesion mechanism in vivo, to cause urinary tract infections bacteria are hard to adhere to the urethral wall, as a result, even if still can overcome the difficult environment and the survival of the bacteria. Or will be excreted with the urine. The British researchers suggest, drank about 350CC above the cranberry juice or Cranberry nutrition supplement, for the prevention of urinary tract infections and cystitis is very helpful.
Health benefits two: to reduce the incidence of gastric ulcer and gastric cancer
Lead to bacterial stomach ulcers, is because the vast majority of Helicobacter pylori in the play of the plateau, when the bacteria attached to the gastric mucosa on the long time, it will cause damage to the stomach, cause bacterial gastric ulcer, so if the regular consumption of cranberry, can also inhibit the adhesion of bacteria in the stomach. In addition, cranberry can provide human body such as antibiotics like protection ability, and this "natural" will not allow the body to produce antibiotic resistance, also do not have to worry about drug side effects, so even if the daily consumption is also Never mind.
Health benefits three: reducing cardiovascular aging
Often eat high calorie, high fat, high cholesterol food, it is easy to early retirement of cardiovascular aging, produce a variety of such as hypertension, heart disease, vascular thrombosis and other diseases, so the doctor had to call everyone should eat this kind of food three, usually more intake of monounsaturated fatty acids containing three alcohol and fertility the composition of food should also be (such as oil), in order to avoid the low density lipoprotein cholesterol (commonly known as bad cholesterol oxidation). But for vegetarians, because they can not choose meat foods in general plant, this kind of nutrition is not high, but fortunately in cranberry, not only contains high amounts of monounsaturated fatty acids and have three enol, another antioxidant. - condensed tannin acid, so it is vegetarian or vegan, can use Cranberry to protect cardiovascular health.
Health benefits four: anti-aging, avoid senile dementia
The United States said in a report at the University of cranberry has a very strong resistance to free radical substances - flavonoids, and its content is high in the 20 general Vegetable & Fruit common crown, especially in this is full of free radicals in the environment, to rely on natural health to resist aging is more difficult, and often or eat Cranberry is one of good method among them.
Health benefits: five beauty beauty, keep skin young and healthy
Any fruit, have make skin beautiful and healthy vitamin C, cranberry is no exception. Precious cranberries can damage aging side against free radicals on the skin caused by the side of this two pronged approach of nutrient elements, the skin to add the required, I am afraid it is difficult to change the beautiful young!

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