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Do you know the development of functional sugar alcohols in the market?

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Do you know the development of functional sugar alcohols in the market?

  Sugar is crucial to our life activities. It is one of the important energy sources for all biological activities. With the development of industrial revolution, the use of sugar has made great progress. The relationship between sugar intake and people's health has changed. Excessive sugar intake will not only cause obesity and dental caries in children, but also increase the risk of hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia and early menarche in girls.


  Among many sugar substitutes, filling sugar alcohols, natural high-power sweeteners Stevia glycosides and Siraitia grosvenorii glycosides have a sweet feeling similar to that of sucrose. There is still a lot of room for progress in the application of these products in sugar free and sugar reduced foods.


   In the dairy industry, 0 sucrose simple alcohol fermented milk takes low GI as the main core demand of consumers for sugar reduction and weight control, and xylitol and sucralose as the main sweeteners, leading the development trend of sugar reduced yogurt in the low-temperature market. In the low temperature market, JUNLEBAO accounts for 46%, of which 90% comes from simple alcohol. The annual sales will exceed 1.4 billion boxes (cups / bags), which can be seen from the popularity.


  Maltitol is 80-90% sweeter than sucrose, with soft flavor and no irritation. It has a certain calorific value, and its aqueous solution has a certain viscosity; It is one of the mainstream choices of sugar substitute fillers in energy drinks. At the same time, maltitol does not have strong absorption heat, which is more compatible with chocolate. Therefore, maltitol is also the mainstream choice of sugar substitute filler in sugar free chocolate. Maltitol is widely used in baking, beverage, dairy, candy and other industries because of its good product properties and stable market price.


  The most obvious feature of erythritol is 0 calories. Among the market products, Yuanqi forest takes healthy consumption as the core of product value. Grasp people's consumption demand of reducing sugar and calories, supplement the taste of products with natural and healthy 0-calorie 0-sugar raw material erythritol, supplemented by healthy product concept, and lead the great development of bubble water. At the same time, it also drives the great development of erythritol itself. It is a new cutting-edge product brand and a sugar alcohol product newly recognized and accepted by the younger generation of sellers.

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