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Know the cranberry extract

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Know the cranberry extract

Cranberry extract, you to the right, is an extract from the cranberries (cranberries), below
Let me show you understand cranberry's good for your health, and how to use the cranberry extract.

What is Cranberry Extract?
Cranberry is a small, evergreen shrub that grows throughout North America. Native Americans have used cranberry for medicinal purposes for centuries – particularly when treating urinary conditions.
When used as medicine, the juice and extract from the cranberry fruit are used because they contain the most active ingredients.
Today, many people use cranberry to prevent and treat urinary tract infections (UTIs). It has also shown some evidence at treating bladder diseases and other urinary and digestive problems.
There’s even some evidence that Cranberry Extract can treat type 2 diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, scurvy, inflammation of the lung, and cancer. However, most of this evidence is anecdotal and based on personal experiences.
Nevertheless, cranberry has exhibited some genuine medical effects. We’ll learn more about how cranberry works in the next section.
Cranberry extract and cranberry juice is relatively easy to buy. Typically, you can buy cranberry juice, cranberry juice cocktails, cranberry jellies, and cranberry sauces at any grocery store. Cocktails typically contain 26% to 33% pure cranberry juice and are sweetened with sugars.
How Does Cranberry Extract Work?
Scientists don’t fully understand how cranberry extract treats urinary infections. A few decades ago, it was widely believed that cranberry made your urine acidic, which killed any bacteria and made it impossible for bacteria to grow.

How to Use Cranberry Extract
Cranberry extract is purported to have a wide range of benefits. However, in modern scientific testing, the extract has only demonstrated proof of solving urinary tract infections, or UTIs.
Using cranberry extract to treat UTIs is straightforward: most research indicates that drinking cranberry juice or taking certain cranberry extracts can lower the risk of repeated UTIs in some people.
As mentioned above, cranberry hasn’t proven to be very effective at actually treating UTIs, and is better used as a preventative tool. If you find that you’re susceptible to UTIs, for example, then you may wish to start adding cranberry to your diet.
Depending on where you look online, you’ll find people who claim that cranberry can be used to treat all of the following conditions:
— Clogged Arteries And Heart Disease
— Kidney Stones
— Stomach Ulcers
— Metabolic Syndrome Or Diabetes
— Skin Healing
— Cancer
— Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
In fact, the only condition aside from UTIs that cranberry has been shown to treat (outside of small-scale, anecdotal evidence online) is urine odor. If you have smelly urine, then cranberry might help you treat it.
Drugs.com reports that “a lack of consistency in clinical trials makes dosage guidance difficult.” In studies (especially UTI studies), cranberry juice dosages have ranged from 120 to 4,000 mL per day.
Meanwhile, when using cranberry extract and cranberry concentrates (like in capsule form), 400mg of cranberry extract per day seems to be a popular and effective dose.
Cranberry Extract Side Effects
Cranberry extract is widely recognized as safe. However, there are some reported problems – especially for those with specific conditions.
For example, those prone to kidney stones should talk to their doctor before taking a cranberry productive.
There’s also some evidence that cranberry extract can negatively interact with patients taking warfarin, in which case cranberry juice can increase the risk of severe bleeding and hemorrhage.
When used in food, however, cranberry is widely agreed to be safe. In doses above those found in the average food product, cranberry extract remains largely unstudied. However, there’s some evidence that large doses can produce negative gastrointestinal symptoms like diarrhea.
There have been no reports of toxicity when using cranberry juice.
Ultimately, cranberry extract is a popular preventative measure for urinary tract infections but has demonstrated little evidence at being able to treat other conditions. Whether you buy it in juice or tablet form, cranberry is a cheap and easy way to reduce your risk of UTIs.

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