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Old varieties display a new vitality, aloe extract break through $ 1.6 billion market size

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Old varieties display a new vitality, aloe extract break through $ 1.6 billion market size

Market research firm Future Market Insights (FMI) survey data.It shows that the global market size of aloe extract at the end of 2016 will exceed 1.6 billion US Yuan output over 60,700 tons. Expected in 2026 will reach $ 3.3 billion, complex ombined annual growth rate will reach 7.4%.
    In 2016, the global market dragonfly aloe gel, cosmetics market, the city of juice Demand field and yogurt market continued to grow aloe extract. ARMED low-calorie Juice and beverage packaging boost road, the aloe extract market in the coming years Remain within the surge trend.
    According to market demand, the cosmetics market is demand aloe extract The largest area in 2016 accounted for 45 percent of the world's total demand of aloe, In total demand reached 27,458.5 tons. Compared with 2015, an increase of 6%.
    By product type, the pace of development of aloe whole leaf extract market Relatively quickly. Occupy 2016 global market 41% of all classes of Aloe parts amount. 2016 Global aloe whole leaf extract production has more than 25,280.2 tons, representing 2015, an increase of 6.2%.
    According to geographical point of view, Germany was in 2015 the largest consumer aloe extract Countries, in Germany this year, the total amount of aloe extract consumption reached 3139.2 Ton. It is estimated that Germany will continue to lead the 2016 market aloe extract, consume fil will grow by 5.3%. Another fast-growing Asia-Pacific market is the aloe extract, Area, where the middle class and people's disposable income growth is pushing Sapporo The main factor moving the market development of natural organic ingredients.
    Aloe extract global market is highly fragmented, in 2015 a global scale The eight largest companies account for aloe 6-7% share of the global market, these Enterprises are through to enhance their production capacity and develop new products to increase from Own market share, consumer groups spread fear and enhance their market competitiveness.

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