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Plant extracts or anti-cancer wonders

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Plant extracts or anti-cancer wonders

Magnoliaceae plant extracts against head and neck cancer or wonders
Magnoliaceae plants with its colorful flowers and the direction of the famous, in addition, extracted from Magnolia plants of honokiol in traditional Chinese medicine has been used as a traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. Recently, scientists from the United States published a new study progress in the international academic journal oncotarget, they found that honokiol is effective in the fight against head and neck cancer.
Honokiol is one of the main active ingredients of Magnoliaceae plant extracts, have been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine, for the treatment of anxiety and other diseases. Later studies have found that honokiol has certain effect in the treatment of cancer, it can inhibit tumor cell growth activation of multiple signaling pathways in various cancer cells.
Ginseng extract helps to alleviate side effects of cancer therapy
U. S. researchers reported in August 15th that animal studies showed that ginseng extract active ingredients - ginseng and three alcohols and similar compounds to help alleviate the side effects of certain cancer therapies.
The researchers believe that ginseng alkyne three alcohol and similar compounds can reduce the peripheral nerve injury and paclitaxel induced nausea caused by weight loss, and can reduce the damage of the anticancer drug 5- fluorouracil on red blood cells and white blood cells, thereby reducing the risk of medication infection and anemia.
New potential drug - milk Ji extract to stop the growth of colorectal cancer stem cells
At the American Association for cancer research (AACR) 2015 annual meeting, from the University of Colorado scholars show the latest research results on the treatment of colorectal cancer new potential drug -- oral silibinin (silibinin, from milk thistle extract purification), slow down the ability of colorectal cancer stem cell growth. Silibinin treatment after sampling of tumor stem cells back into the new model, the cells failed to develop into a similarly aggressive tumor, even without taking the case of silybin.
Cohosh extract can inhibit the growth of human cancer cells
Is China's famous Chinese medicine Cimicifuga, its detoxification, lifting Yang and published Touzhen effect early in the "Shen Nong's herbal classic" were recorded in. The day before, the Kunming Botanical Research Institute of Chinese from cohosh extract a series of new compounds, its efficacy can inhibit human cancer cells growth, provides a new direction for the study of anti tumor.
Preliminary investigation found that three saponins active compounds in Cimicifuga, different degrees of activation of the human protease activity, inducing apoptosis of cancer cells. At the same time, the doctoral students in the years Yin researcher Qiu Minghua under the guidance of 7 novel cohosh three triterpenoid saponins compounds were isolated from the Guizhou town collected in Blackstone found that they can inhibit cohosh, human hepatocellular carcinoma cell growth. This is the first time found in Cimicifugae compounds with anti hepatoma activity specific.
Plant derived anticancer drugs or will become the main force
Malignant tumor has become the second largest cause of death in China after cardiovascular disease, in 2008 the WHO will be listed as the world's two largest country with the United States and the United states. Although the international pharmaceutical industry has developed hundreds of anti-cancer drugs, but the cancer has been considered to be a difficult to cure the disease with high mortality.
More than half a century since the last century since 60s, the domestic and foreign pharmaceutical researchers has developed the anticancer drugs listed multiple sources of plants including Changchun flower alkali series, paclitaxel, camptothecin, series of podophyllotoxins, three tonine, Brucea Javanica extract, coix seed extract, turmeric extract, the. The overall rise of new plant anticancer drugs, the traditional chemotherapy drugs be cast into the shade. According to statistics, the total sales of plant derived anticancer drugs accounted for half of the country the international cancer drug market, and is still growing.
In all kinds of plant anticancer drug, paclitaxel is particularly remarkable. Taxol can specifically target cancer cells with tubulin targeting mitosis, have no effect on normal cells, but also for advanced ovarian cancer, He Jie Jenkins disease, Kaposi's sarcoma and advanced non small cell lung cancer with malignant tumors, so since 1992 after the market quickly swept the world, has accumulated sales nearly $30 billion, and thus create a new record of chemotherapy drugs.
The success of the anticancer drug represented by paclitaxel has greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of the world pharmaceutical industry to develop anticancer drugs. Since the last century since 80s, the American medical research departments to intensify the cooperation with China in plant medicine development, inspired by the Shi Guibao company successfully listed on the development of paclitaxel anti-cancer drug research in the United States, many companies competing in cooperation with the research department of China's pharmaceutical plant expansion of new anticancer drugs. Among them, the United States and the Chinese Academy of Sciences plant jointly developed series of new anticancer drug camptothecin, topotecan and irinotecan, are important products of international anti tumor drugs on the market at present.

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