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Pure Natural Plant Weight Loss: Lose Weight Not To Go On A Diet, Health Good Product

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In the summer, naturally become the hot topic of girls love to lose weight.Eat chili to reduce weight, contains capsaicin weight loss products, supported by a lot of girls gradually.But chili really have effect reducing weight?Its mechanism how to lose weight?It seems that many people do not speak of things.Below for everyone to explain in detail about the specific content of capsaicin method reducing weight, let you to this kind of method reducing weight by a clearer understanding. 
Pepper contains capsaicin, capsaicin can stimulate the production of neurotransmitters and adrenaline, adrenaline through sweating and burning fat, can the effect reducing weight.Indeed, chili can make the skin redness, fever, have to speed up the local metabolism, capsaicin can be induced by some animal protein change to inhibit fat and lose weight.But the effect is not sustainable, nature can not reach the effect reducing weight.So whiffs of capsaicin, up to now there is no scientific basis.And, long-term use of capsaicin, can also cause kidney damage or electrolyte imbalance, arrhythmia, such as side effects. 
A recent study found that also can reduce weight often eat the food at ordinary times, cut there is no harm to human body:
1, kelp
usually eat to
kelp can not only reduce weight can also slow the aging.Kelp contains a call fucus xanthine (brown algae flavin) fucoxanthin also can be made into paste to lose weight or massage cream, safety without dieting pain, and no side effects.At the same time, fucus xanthine as a kind of oxygen free radical scavenger, can protect the skin from excessive oxidation, the effect of oxygen free radical and common free radicals in vivo such as hydroxyl free radicals and the oxygen anion free radical, prevent lipid peroxidation, spot, anti-wrinkle and anti-aging function, thus prolonging the life of the skin cells, enhance its antioxidant ability.
2, Citrus aurantium L
Citrus aurantium L
acid-insoluble ash), lime fruit contains an active ingredient in symplectic Flynn (synephrine), it can effectively prevent excess energy (heat), by the wind and qi, warm the stomach promote appetite and accelerate metabolism, and do not like to use ephedra as appear to the side effects of adverse cardiovascular patients.
3, lotus leaf
lotus leaf in alkali Nuciferine composition, have diuretic laxative, bowel poison, lipid-lowering oil removal, such as clear heat antipyretic effect, can significantly reduce serum triglyceride and cholesterol levels, has the health benefits of adjusting blood fat.To go on a diet to lose weight not the lotus leaf, without any side effect to human body.

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