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The magic function and application of apple extract

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The magic function and application of apple extract

Apple has high nutritional value, good health, always for people to talk about. In addition, it also has the exclusion of salt, lower blood pressure, cholesterol, stimulate the intestinal peristalsis, diuretic effect and so on. Apple pectin can adjust the physiological function of the human body.
Apple apple polyphenol extract has antioxidant, deodorization effect, maintain freshness, flavor and color, to prevent the loss of vitamin, can prevent food quality deterioration, therefore, can be used for aquatic product processing, meat processing, bread, cakes, oil processing, food and beverage, cool oil manufacturing, can significantly improve the quality of and the shelf life of the product. In addition, the company has developed a new FutureCeuticals apple extract features - to enhance the strength of adult men in combat training, muscle strength and competitive level.
FutureCeuticals has developed a new component ElevATP, allegedly the ingredients of apple extracts and ancient peat, can significantly enhance the combat training in adult male power, muscle strength and competitive level.
It is understood that ElevATP is a soluble in water, subject to non GMO, GRAS and vegetarian ingredients, applicable to beverages, chewing gum, capsules, mixed drinks and functional foods. The company said ElevATP has been applied to a lot of sports products, allegedly clinical research has shown that the product can stimulate the production of human mitochondria ATP. In the latest research, the researchers are still exploring the direct impact of the composition on the competitive level of athletes.
In this study, the researchers recruited 25 healthy male volunteers with an average age of 28 + 5 years. Volunteers were randomly divided into two groups, a group of 150 mg of ElevATP a day, a group of doses of placebo, the trial for a period of 12 weeks. During the test, all the volunteers were asked to carry out the training, the first 8 weeks of periodic changes in training, followed by over two weeks of training, the last two weeks to gradually reduce the intensity of training.
The results of the study showed that in the deep squat and hard pull training, ElevATP group of volunteers scored higher than the placebo group, which indicates that the physical strength of the former has increased. In addition, the peak velocity and peak jump power of the ElevATP group were significantly higher than those in the placebo group.
The researchers said the study was the first study to enhance the production of endogenous ATP by supplementation. The research results show that apple extracts and ancient peat can be increased and the overall lower limb muscle strength and power. FutureCeuticals said the company is preparing for the next step, it is proved that the functionality of the components, the components have different functions in different parameters of sports nutrition. Andrew Wheeler, director of the company's marketing, said that the production and energy of endogenous ATP is very important to the market force, but must have sufficient evidence to prove the functionality of the product.

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