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The magic of the Jiang Huang extract?

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The magic of the Jiang Huang extract?

In September 13th, the Dorcas Biotech Corp (Biotech DoCas) production of the extract (BCM-95) obtained the approval of FDA, to become the food in the "safe use of substances" (GRAS). And provides that the maximum use of the extract in food is 180 mg / per person per day, the maximum use of medical food in the amount of 1000 mg / per person per day.
After the GRAS certification, Jiang Huang extract (BCM-95) from the food supplement market to enter the medical food and food market.
What is the turmeric?
Jiang Huang extract is derived from the dried rhizome of Curcuma longa L., a ginger family plant. Contain volatile oil, oil in the main components of ginger flavonoids, aromatic ginger flavonoids, ginger, etc.; yellow substance for the curcumin, and containing the de  two -.
Jiang Huang is the main ingredient in curry, spicy taste light, mixed with pepper, musk, orange and ginger. Wei in Health Planning Commission announced the list of the medicine and food, with a high health effect. Mainly reflected in the following aspects:
1, antioxidant function. UV is the culprit of skin aging, can produce free radicals, so that the skin of elastin, collagen damage, skin relaxation, water drop, dull, easy to produce wrinkles. Jiang Huang strong anti oxidative function, eliminate free radicals, is "oral skin care products". Its oxidative stress is 1.6 times that of VE, 2.33 times the flavonoid, and 2.75 times as much as VC.
2, to capture free radicals, reduce the threat of disease. Free radical is the main cause of the formation of many chronic diseases and cancers. Is also the root of human aging. Free radicals can damage normal cells and make the body sick. And Jiang Huang can capture these free radicals, indirect prevention of a variety of cancer, is a natural anti-cancer agent".
3, gastrointestinal health effects, can slow the symptoms of chronic gastric ulcer. The digestive tract is affected by acid corrosion, which causes damage to the mucosa and erosion. Curcumin stimulates the secretion of mucin, protect the gastric mucosa, and improve the symptoms.
4, lower cholesterol levels in the body. While lowering the total cholesterol content, Jiang Huang can increase the high density lipoprotein cholesterol, and improve the effectiveness of hyperlipidemia.
5, Jiang Huang also to enhance the body's defense function, anti-inflammatory, and into the body of the role of the toxin. So powerful and without toxicity, it is no wonder that the extract has been popular in the domestic and international markets welcome.
The application of Jiang Huang in food
1, dietary supplements. Excellent medicinal value, making it an important dietary supplement. BCM-95 is a kind of turmeric extract the best effect. This form of curcumin can penetrate the blood-brain barrier, curcumin compared to the standard, the better absorption.
2, as the edible yellow pigment. Jiang Huang is an important yellow pigment, commonly used in casual food, dishes, cakes, beverages, canned food coloring. (source: food business network)

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