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The role of oat glucan

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The role of oat glucan:
1, lower cholesterol
In the early years, scientists have found that oat glucan can reduce the rate of gastrointestinal absorption of fatty acids, reduce the human body of cholesterol synthesis.As oat glucan research matures, scholars have successively in animal and human body experiment level a lot of experiments, confirmed the oat glucan in lowering cholesterol and low density lipoprotein with specific physiological functions.Scientists found that oat glucan effect on cholesterol mainly can significantly reduce serum total cholesterol (TC) and low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDI a TC), and the high-density lipoprotein (HDL) and triglyceride (TG) vinegar did not significantly affect the kernel.Oat glucan in hyperlipidemia group had significantly lower cholesterol.
About the mechanism of oat glucan lower cholesterol there are four hypothesis:
1) can be conjugated bile acid, increased the excretion of bile acids, reducing bile acid level and plasma cholesterol concentration.
(2) can be produced in the gut microbial fermentation and short chain fatty acid, can inhibit cholesterol synthesis in the liver.
(3) can promote LDL C decomposition.
(4) with high viscosity can be formed in the digestive tract environment, hinder the digestive tract of fat, cholesterol and bile absorption.
2, fall blood sugar
Glucan oat foods every day, patients with blood sugar levels can reduce about 50%, use oats food had significantly lower blood sugar.Oat glucan can by reducing blood lipid levels, improve blood flow performance, speed up the sugars in the process of absorption use transfer speed and efficiency, and at the same time on diabetes complicated by liver and kidney tissue lesions has good repair effect, and can effectively reduce the decomposition of liver glycogen, leading to lower blood sugar.
3, enhance immunity
Immunomodulatory effects of oat glucan, oat glucan can make the mice lymphocyte value, enhance the ability of mice to resist bacteria invasion;Can stimulate mouse peritoneal macrophages release tumor necrosis factor (TNF ALPHAhe) and interleukin 1 (In a 1 - terlukinIL) and macrophages p338DI release, via lavage or parenteral injection oat glucan, obviously increase the number of mice serum immunoglobulin, oat glucan can improve immune function In mice.
4, anti-cancer function
Oat glucan in the gut of fermentation to produce short chain fatty acids, which can reduce glycosidase enzymes, glucuronic acid enzyme and microbial metabolic enzyme activity of enzymes in the vein;Viscosity of oat glucan, also can increase the discharge of secondary bile acid in the intestines, these enzymes and secondary bile acid induced factors of colon cancer is trapped, oat glucan have anti-cancer effect.
5, improve the intestinal
Oat glucan can't hydrolysis in the small intestine, and degradation in the large intestine as bacteria fermentation substrates, and the fermentation to produce short chain fatty acid, butyric acid, in particular, is conducive to the intestinal function.Oat glucan can make mice intestinal bifidobacterium and lactobacillus in the value-added and feces, and reduce the number of e. coli, oat glucan is to improve the function of intestinal tract, therefore promote the added value of intestinal bacteria.
6, beauty effect
People already know very early use of oats to treat the skin dry and itchy dash.Method of use is made directly to the oat paste apply on the skin.But because of different production methods of oats different effects are hard to keep stable quality.Gradually with the development of science and technology, the scientists found the main components of the oat beauty and function mechanism.
Oat glucan has excellent anti-aging effect, can smooth the fine wrinkles, increase skin elasticity, improve skin texture;Has a unique molecular structure of straight chain, gives a good transdermal absorption performance;Promote the synthesis of fibroblasts collagen, promote wound healing, repair damaged skin, give skin like silk moist smooth tactility.

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