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How to Eat Garlic in A Healthier Way?

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How to Eat Garlic in A Healthier Way?

It had been thousands of years since people used garlic for medical purpose. Eating garlic or taking nutritional supplement of garlic extract is often considered as a natural way to lower cholesterol, blood pressure and reduce heart disease risk.But how to eat garlic in a healthier way?

    1.Mashed garlic for eating has health care function

    2.Adding some sugar along with garlic in hot oil when cooking can protect allicin from heat

    3.Purple garlic has better antibacterial effect than white garlic

    4,Eating raw garlic directly has better disinfectant effect

    5.One-clove garlic has better anti-cancer effect

    6.No more than two to three cloves of raw garlic per day

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