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Cordyceps Sinensis Extract Powder

Product name: Cordyceps sinensis extract powder
Plant source: Cordyceps mycelium
Specification: 10% - 30% polysaccharide
Appearance: brown yellow fine powder
Detection method: UV
Mesh screen aperture: 80 mesh
Use: food, medicine, health care products
Samples: free samples
Certification: ISO, KOSHER, Halal, HACCP
Package: 1kg/bag, 25kgs/barrel

Source of extraction

The herb Cordyceps sinensis (Berk.) The primary active ingredients are cordycepin and adenosine, which are taken from the complex of the stroma and larval body that is parasitic on the larvae of the family Bateosidae.

Source of extraction

What kind of people is Cordyceps sinensis extract suitable for?

1. Cordyceps sinensis can aid diabetes patients with their consequences, including impaired vision, itching, exhaustion, and other related issues.

2. Women who suffer from gynecological conditions: Cordyceps sinensis nourishes the liver and kidney while nourishing the yin and skin, which is more beneficial to balancing yin and yang, strengthening the foundation, and cultivating vitality. It can help with female menopause and has a positive auxiliary effect on dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, black blood, vaginitis, endometritis, and other conditions.

3. Patients with liver disease: Cordyceps sinensis is an effective remedy for liver protection, and it has a strong effect on preventing liver fibers. It is a natural substance with many positive effects, including liver protection, speedy recovery of several liver indicators, control of viral immunological level, and improved hepatitis eradication.

4. Patients with tumors: Cordyceps sinensis can be compared to a soldier who helps to inhibit tumor growth in terms of tumor inhibition. By gradually enhancing the autoimmunity while taking Cordyceps sinensis, it is possible to accomplish the impact of tumor inhibition.

5. Patients undergoing radiotherapy and chemotherapy: Cordyceps sinensis can help boost the quantity of white blood cells and platelets as well as lessen the side effects of chemotherapy, such as nausea, vomiting, poor appetite, hair loss, insomnia, and so on. It may be regarded to be a boat of resentment.

6. Patients who have recently undergone surgery or recently given birth are more susceptible to infections and problems since the wound and some organs are in a new state and their immunity is quite low. All the components required for recovery are present in cordyceps, including a wide range of amino acids, vitamins, proteins, trace elements, enzymes, and antibodies that aid in wound healing.

7. Cordyceps sinensis treats insomnia by addressing its underlying causes and promoting deep sleep naturally. It has no negative side effects and can sleep swiftly and deeply. The following day, he felt perfectly rested and had regained all of his physical power. Long-term eating will support aging resistance and youthfulness.

8. Patients with phlegm, coughs, and asthma: The test shows that eating caterpillar fungus for a week will reduce coughing, asthma, and sputum volume; take it continuously for three cycles, and the illness gradually improves until it is healthy. The herb cordyceps sinensis can remove waste from the lungs and airways and assist in restoring their functionality. When taken orally, Cordyceps sinensis rarely causes illness in patients.

9. Patients with cardiovascular disease and stroke should eat Reduced incidence of cardiovascular and cerebral vascular disorders is a benefit of cordyceps. In addition to playing a significant part in eliminating blood waste and assisting with blood cholesterol and blood pressure improvements, cordyceps can also enhance hematopoietic function, nourish the heart, and prevent cardiac hypertrophy. Additionally, it can enhance blood circulation and restore blood vessel flexibility. Kidney disease

10. Patients with kidney disease: Cordyceps sinensis has the first-ever effect on the world, strengthening the kidney and the foundation. One of the many traditional Chinese remedies that can nourish both yin and yang is cordyceps. No matter how chilly or hot it is, it can be considered a gift from heaven. Additionally, Cordyceps sinensis can assist safeguard glomerular cells and aid in the function recovery of the injured kidney. It is a crucial maintenance item for people with chronic nephritis.

About us

Oasier is a company dedicated to the research, development, and manufacture of Cordyceps sinensis extract, using the best technology and equipment for extraction, separation, refining, and drying. The growth and development of natural plants, the extraction of Chinese herbal medicines, pharmaceutical intermediates, technical consultation, and the manufacture and sale of technical services make up its primary lines of business. Customers laud and have great faith in the items, which are shipped to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Japan, Australia, and many other nations and areas.

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Product analysis


Product Name:Cordyceps sinensis extract powder

Origin of Material: china

Botanical Source: Cordyceps mycelium

Part Used:Mycelium





brown yellow fine powder







Sieve Analysis

95% pass 80 mesh

Loss on Drying


2 hours at 105°C

Bulk Density


Total Ash


Heavy Metals









Microbiological Test

Total Plate Count


Yeast & Mold  


E.Coli E                




Storage: In cool & dry place. Keep away from strong light and heat.

Shelf Life: 2 years when properly stored.

* There is likely to be minor colour variation from batch to batch due to geographical(origin) and seasonal variations of the material.


2023 Cordyceps sinensis extract powder certificate

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Kosher& Halal Cordyceps sinensis extract powder