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Fenugreek Extract Can Safely accelerate Visceral Fat Consumption

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Fenugreek Extract Can Safely accelerate Visceral Fat Consumption


 Recently, a panel of independent experts issued a statement that Novel Ingredient Services' proprietary sports nutrition Physicor received the FDA's self-assessment GRAS certification. The ingredient is patented Fenugreek, which supposedly clinical studies have demonstrated that it can safely accelerate visceral fat consumption, and increase lean muscle composition in confrontation training.

 Novel Ingredient Services Chairman and CEO Rick Antonoff said that as a natural functional ingredient with excellent solubility and soft taste, Physicor is well suited for functional foods and beverages without the addition of extra flavors. No matter its taste, texture or mouth-feel, it all can meet people’s requirements . And because playing ta role in shaping and carving the human body's core muscles, Physicor is especially suitable for sports nutrition bars, muscle building powders and ready-to-drink beverages.

 As a patented fenugreek extract, Physicor containing 70% oligosaccharides was launched in October 2016. This ingredient not only breaks down fat (prevents the build-up of fat) but also activates insulin-like growth factor (IGF), which releases signals to the body for producing lean muscle and strengthening the bones. In addition, Physicor's stability is high enough to be used in a variety of delivery formats, including tablets, capsules, powders and beverages, for specific applications to cereals, baked goods and nutrition bars.


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