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PQQ - a substance with an immunological factor code

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In fact, PQQ is a quinonase based prosthetic material that potently promotes NGF development, and this material has been lauded by the scientific community as the king of immunity factor. And its existence, is also an important reason why too old people can improve human immunity.

PQQ scientific name pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ for its English abbreviation), is a very rare and rare bioactive substance very sparingly present in some microbial, plant and animal tissues, which can stimulate human cell growth and improve human immune function comprehensively; Can significantly reduce serum bilirubin and glutamic alanine transaminase levels, effectively prevent liver injury; Bidirectionally regulates free radicals to prevent cancer, heart disease, and delay aging; Can promote nerve factor synthesis, conditioning various neurological diseases.

In addition to the king of immunity factor, Winsor's Enigma team discovered that PQQ was at the same time a B vitamin essential for human physiological development process, and this vitamin was known as the king of world immunity. And both scientific research and practice have proved that the PQQ contained in G. lucidum, a meat aged too old, has a good effect on killing cancer cells effectively.

Two major active ingredient advantages of PQQ, Windsor's mystery it is worth learning about:

(1) PQQ, Windsor's Enigma, selected rare active ingredients of great value for their activity in U.S. Taipan meat Ganoderma lucidum.

With unparalleled viability and immunity, the rare active ingredient of great value and known as the king of immunity by the global biomedical community is PQQ pyrroloquinoline quinone.

As an essential factor for human development, PQQ is able to significantly stimulate the growth of human cells, especially the immune cells that initiate the body: NK cells, T cells, B cells, leukocytes, macrophages

(2) Addition of immunomodulatory factors LPS lipopolysaccharide

Studies have shown that taking LPS has the same priming effect except for being able to activate macrophages for lymphocytes as well as other immune cells of the body. LPS is also prominent in cell repair, where it improves skin compactness and brightness in a timely manner by elevating the metabolism of cells and increasing the number of 'fibrocytes' in the skin.

The PQQ content was up to 200 mg per bottle, which was more than seven times that of other brands. After consumption, it is capable of rapid absorption and utilization by the human body reaches 99%.

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