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Application of Extracts From Morinda Officinalis

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1. Report on the preparation process of a cookie containing extract of Morinda officinalis. The cookie is mainly sweetened with licorice sweetener and mixed with cookie ingredients. At the same time, Morinda officinalis extract is added to the ingredients to effectively promote male health.

The present invention has reasonable production and ingredient ratios, mainly by using licorice sweetener to replace sweetener, which can effectively reduce the sugar content of cookies and improve their nutritional value; Furthermore, the extract of Morinda officinalis contains quercetin glycosides, vitamin C, and glycosides, which not only have the effects of tonifying the kidneys and qi, enhancing muscles and bones, but also enhance the human immune system and enhance the nutritional value of cookies.

2. Reported the application of extracts from Morinda officinalis in the preparation of immune adjuvants, involving a traditional Chinese medicine extract from Morinda officinalis.

Morinda officinalis extract is a water extract of the guideline medicine Morinda officinalis soaked in ethanol. Crush the Morinda officinalis, soak it in ethan

ol, add the first boiling water, filter for the first time to obtain the first filtrate and residue, add the second boiling water to the residue, filter for the second time to obtain the second filtrate, mix the second filtrate with the first filtrate, concentrate and add PBS buffer. After the third filtration, sterilize to obtain the Morinda officinalis extract, which can be frozen and stored.

Morinda officinalis extract can be used as the main active ingredient in the preparation of immune adjuvants, that is, Morinda officinalis extract can be used in the preparation of immune adjuvants, which is a safe and effective vaccine adjuvant that can enhance antigen immune protection. It can be applied to the immune protection of traditional attenuated vaccines, inactivated vaccines, DNA vaccines, peptide vaccines, and inactivated protein vaccines.


3. The effects and applications of extracts from Morinda officinalis on improving or treating sexual dysfunction were reported. The therapeutic or improving sexual dysfunction substances have the effect of improving or treating sexual dysfunction by regulating the overall function of the hypothalamus pituitary gonad and adrenal cortex, and have selective specificity for different 5-HT receptors. These substances can selectively excite 5-HT1 receptors, However, drugs or foods that have no excitatory effects on 5-HT2 receptors and 5-HT3 receptors can be used to treat or assist in improving sexual dysfunction.

4. A kidney tonifying and body strengthening tablet is disclosed, comprising functional ingredients, excipients, seasoning agents, and deionized water. The feature is that: the functional ingredients are extracts of Morinda officinalis and mixed extracts, with Morinda officinalis extract accounting for 10-25% of the total weight of the tablet, and mixed extracts accounting for 15-25% of the total weight of the tablet; The mixed extract is obtained by mixing and extracting Dodder seed, Eucommia ulmoides, and Epimedium in a ratio of 3:3:2.

The advantage of the present invention is that the extraction process is efficient, resulting in a high content of active ingredients in the lozenges and good results; Convenient and fast to use, it can be directly contained in the mouth. Long term use can nourish the kidneys and strengthen the body, which is beneficial to physical health.

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