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Black Sesame Extract Effectively Prevents Menopausal Women from Breast Cancer

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   Black Sesame Extract Effectively Prevents Menopausal Women from Breast Cancer

   Studies have shown that black sesame extract has a potential anticancer function and effect on rats with breast cancer. In the experiment, total 388 female rats of 56 weeks old were randomly divided into 4 groups. The three groups were given black cochlea extract - 27% triterpene glycosides by intragastric administration and the doses were different divided into low, medium and high dose group. The other group was used as control group. From the beginning to the end of the treatment period 40 weeks, the incidence of breast cancer in rats were analyzed.

  The higher the dose of black sesame extract, the lower the incidence of breast cancer in rats, and black sesame extract had a protective effect on the breast. The experimental results showed that black sesame extract could inhibit the proliferation of breast cancer cells. Cell culture results showed that when reaching a certain concentration, the black sesame extract inhibited the growth of over-activating breast cancer cells.

  Black sesame extract in Europe and the United States has been a hundred years of history, mainly for the treatment of menopausal syndrome.The Langlin biology team concluded that the greatest value of this study is to suggest us that black sesame extract can improve menopausal symptoms while prevent breast cancer. Menopausal women have a more positive choice in preventing breast cancer.

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