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The Function of Rhodiola Rosea Extract-Protect the cardiovascular

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The Function of Rhodiola Rosea Extract-Protect the cardiovascular

1.Enhance human immunity. Rohdiola rosea extracct rosavins stimulate the immune system in two ways: First, specific direct stimulus to immune defense. Rosavins normalizes the immune system by improving T- cell. Second, make the human body not susceptible to stress. Rosavins also can enhance B-cell immunity by preventing the inhibition of B-cell immunity from the stress and fatigue.


 2. Relieve the depression. In a public clinical trial to examine the efficacy of Rhodiola extract in alleviating the symptoms of depression, 128 patients were given with Rhodiola rosea extract. The result showed rhodiola extract could effectively reduces or eliminates depressive symptoms in 65% of patients.


 3. Protect the cardiovascular function. Rhodiola rosea extract is shown to relieve the stress-induced tissue damage and cardiovascular disorders. Rhodiola extract can prevent the drop of cardiac contractility due to ambient pressure under freezing conditions, and help stabilize contractility.


 4. Effective Antioxidant. Rhodiola has an effective antioxidant capacity. By limiting the adverse effects of free radical damage, it can effectively resist against diseases caused by aging.


 5. Enhance human motor function. Like Siberian ginseng, Rhodiola rosea extract is often taken by athletes to enhance human body function. Although its mechanism is still not fully understood, but it seems to improve the muscle / fat ratio and increase hemoglobin &red blood cell levels in the blood.


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