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The role of tea polyphenols in food

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The role of tea polyphenols in food
1 antioxidation
Tea polyphenols can inhibit oil rancidity, tea polyphenols existing in the structure of phenolic hydroxyl and easily oxidized, thus reducing the oxygen content in the oil, the delay oil oxidation. At the same time liposoluble tea polyphenols with metal ion chelating ability strong, can chelate and trace metal elements in the oil price, so that the loss of automatic oil catalytic oxidation activity, from the source to terminate the free radical chain reaction. In addition, the fat soluble tea polyphenol has a strong ability to supply hydrogen, is a free radical scavenger, can be combined with the peroxide free radicals produced by lipid oxidation, eliminating many free radicals, interrupted the oxidation of fat.
2 tea polyphenols can prevent the oxidation of fat and oil burn, so as to maintain its freshness, it is better than the traditional sodium ascorbate. The antibacterial activity of tea polyphenols for nearly one hundred kinds of bacteria in nature have excellent groups, showed broad-spectrum antibacterial; tea polyphenols on alpha amylase and sucrase had good inhibition ability, can slow down after picking fruits and vegetables of corruption, taste, is an ideal preservative antistaling agent; in addition, preparation of tea polyphenols it also can make all kinds of pastries, lactic acid beverage and animal husbandry and aquatic products deep processing such as discoloration of corruption.
3 color preserving effect
Tea polyphenols have strong reduction, and the color of the plant is very excellent and unique. Can be used to prevent natural pigments such as carotene, chlorophyll, safflower and vitamins and other pigments by the role of light oxidation and fade, to maintain its bright color stability.
4 deodorant effect
In meat, grain and oil crops and their products are sometimes smell, such as soybean beany, fish odor component three methyl amine, adding a certain amount of tea polyphenols can effectively remove the smell. Tea polyphenols can kill the lactic acid bacteria in teeth and other cariogenic bacteria, can inhibit the activity of glucose by glucose in bacteria, not such bacteria can form polymerization in the tooth implantation process, the formation of dental caries interrupt. A matrix of spoilage bacteria proliferation protein food residue in the teeth, tea polyphenols can kill the bacteria, tea polyphenols can also remove halitosis, its effect is better than sodium copper chlorophyllin (SCC). Japan has the production of tea polyphenol deodorant chewing gum, cigarette filter etc..
5 of tea polyphenols on heavy metal precipitation or reduction, can be used as alkaloid poisoning antidote. Abroad has been the development and utilization of tea polyphenols as cigarette antidote, tea polyphenols can make the nicotine and smoke mutation, which degrade the harmful substances, and does not affect the taste of cigarettes and excitatory effects.

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