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Black Sesame Extract

Product Name: Black Sesame Extract
English Name: black sesame seeds extract
Latin: women Sesami nigrum
Alias: flax, Jusheng, dog lice, flax, flax, sesame
Extraction source: seeds of sesame, a plant in the flax family.
Product specification: 10:1
Test method: TLC
Product properties: gray brown powder
Particle size: 80 mesh
Extraction solvent: water
Uses: medical and health products, beverages, food additives, etc.
Ingredients: fatty oil, including oleic acid, linoleic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, arachidic acid and other glycerides, sesamin, sesamol, pedalin, plantaose, sesamose, etc.

1. Product description

Black sesame, also known as black bluish dogbane, flaxseed, oil flax, etc., is a dry mature seed of bluish dogbane, a plant of the family Apocynaceae. Its surface is black, oblate oval, smooth or reticular wrinkled, and its tip has a brown punctate navel. It is widely planted all over the country, mainly in Shandong, Henan, Hubei, Sichuan, Anhui, Jiangxi, Hebei and other provinces. Black sesame is a traditional Chinese medicine for nourishing the liver and kidney in China, which has great medicinal value. Traditional Chinese medicine and health preserving scientists often use it as a medicinal diet to treat some diseases. Black sesame can be used as both medicine and food. It is rich in lipids, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Since ancient times, it has been considered as a good product for health care. Tao Hongjing, an ancient health expert, commented that black sesame is "among the eight valleys, which is the only good". In recent years, with the praise of traditional Chinese medicine and health preserving scientists for black food, black sesame and other black food has gradually attracted widespread attention and research. In the domestic market, more and more black sesame seeds are processed into paste and soup foods, or sesame oil is prepared. There are more and more nutritional and health food with black sesame seeds as raw materials.

black sesame

2. Efficacy and function

a. Black sesame has the effect of moistening the five internal organs and benefiting qi. It is rich in biotin and vitamin E, ranking first in plant foods, as well as a large amount of fat, lecithin, protein, calcium, iron and other nutrients, which can promote cell division and delay cell aging. Regular eating can offset or neutralize these substances in cells, playing the role of anti-aging and prolonging life;

b. Black sesame is a seed, so it can improve the quality of sleep, so it is often used to treat neurasthenia, insomnia, amnesia, dreaminess and other symptoms;

c. Linoleic acid in black sesame can reduce the content of cholesterol in blood and prevent coronary atherosclerosis;

d. The latest research found that black sesame can reduce blood fat and blood sugar, and increase the content of glycogen in liver and muscle, so it can assist in reducing blood fat and glucose;

e. Black sesame seeds contain substances that prevent human body from getting fat, called egg yolk, choline and inositol. Therefore, eating more black sesame seeds will not get fat, and it can also play the role of moistening the intestines and defecating;

f. Black sesame also has anti-inflammatory effect. Wrapping black sesame oil with cloth can reduce irritation of skin mucosa and promote the recovery of inflammation. After trauma, sesame oil can be disinfected and applied, which can promote the recovery and absorption of inflammation;

g. The latest research shows that black sesame has the effect of calcium supplementation.

3. Applications

Black sesame pigment is water soluble, photothermally stable, salt tolerant, and safe and nontoxic, and it has a promising development and high utilization value as a natural pigment.


Use as natural antioxidant

Black rice pigment can scavenge H2O2, superoxide anion radical (O2 - •), and hydroxyl radical (• OH), black sesame pigment has a strong inhibitory effect on whole blood chemiluminescence and exerts a quantitative effect relationship, and it has a certain scavenging ability on reactive oxygen species generated from intracellular system or non cellular system. The ability of black sesame pigment to scavenge free radicals was in the following order from strong to weak: DPPH · > · OH > O2 - ·, which enhanced with the increase of black sesame pigment concentration in a certain concentration range and could be used as a better free radical scavenger in foods. Black sesame pigment could decrease MDA level and increase hepatic SOD activity in mice with ethanol induced acute liver injury and had hepatoprotective effects. Therefore, black sesame pigment has strong in vivo and in vitro antioxidant potential, is a very promising natural melanin, and is a good natural antioxidant resource.

Use as food additive

Black sesame pigment LD50 > 10 000 mg / kg, is not mutagenic to mouse bone marrow eosinophilic chemicals Handbook red blood cells within the tested dose range, sanitation testing as ≤ 2 mg / kg, Pb ≤ 5 mg / kg, meets food pigment sanitation standards. At present, the black sesame pigment developed in China has entered the industrial - ization stage, and there are mainly two products including paste and powder. As one of the natural food pigments, black sesame pigment has been widely used in the food industry for coloration of black foods and development of functional foods and health foods. Such as black pastry (0.05% - 0.1%), biscuits (0.05%), pasta (0.05% - 0.06%), and can also be used as aconitine (0.03%), oral solution for Wuji (0.02% - 0.04%). The research on the development of black sesame pigment in China is relatively lagging, and it has not been included in the list of food additive use.

Was used as the starting material for the actinic products

Because black sesame pigment has good physicochemical characteristics and is also well used in the actinic industry, a grooming agent (containing 8% - 10% melanin) formulated on a cream like black sesame pigment basis, in addition to its regular grooming effect, makes hair brilliant and slippery, and has a set hair protection and hair dyeing effect. In addition, black sesame pigment can also produce high-grade eyebrows, redness of mouth, black sesame balsam, and so on.

Black Sesame Extract Certificate

Black Sesame Extract Certificate

Black Sesame factory

Black Sesame factory