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Lose weight upstart - natural plant slimming products

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In recent years, many experts in the field of enterprises to obtain a breakthrough for the development of a variety of plant extracts, plant effective ingredient extraction means to let more natural elements instead of artificial elements, and further enrich the functional food and medicine has a positive effect.


Apple tree extract: relieves asthma and anti obesity
Apple is a well-known fruit, but it is still a stranger to Apple trees. Recently, a study in China Taiwan Chang Gung University of science and technology found that flavonoids active substances from the root bark of apple trees in (PT) helps to reduce the severity of airway hyperreactivity induced asthma in mice (AHR), airway inflammation and oxidative stress and other symptoms. PT is a present in the apple tree fruit, leaves and bark in the matter, previous research has been proved to have good effect in the regulation of glucose transporter, promote tumor cell withering and increase its anti obesity lipid metabolism.


Chili extract: helps to lose weight
Chilli is an essential flavoring vegetable in many areas, and capsaicin is the newest extract from capsicum. According to a study published in the Journal Appetite, daily intake of 2mg capsaicin for 12 weeks is associated with a significant decrease in calories. The study used OmniActive health technologies, a commercially available Capsimax pepper extract, which was also funded by grants from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor.
Capsimax chili extract comes from sweet pepper and is rich in capsaicin, but it does not cause burning in the mouth and stomach. Capsimax uses OmniBead Beadlet technology to wrap concentrated, highly reactive natural capsaicin in the controlled release coating.
Doyle said: "capsaicin is an ideal ingredient for increasing dietary supplements category, it can provide natural food solutions for consumers to meet their needs for weight management and exercise goals."
It is understood that Capsimax ingredients can now be applied to hundreds of product formulations, especially those targeted at weight management, energy support or enhanced athletic performance products. Its unique OmniBead technology effectively packs the beneficial properties of capsaicin, without producing the burning sensation of chili peppers. It is suitable for foods such as capsules, tablets and solid beverages.


Tomato extract: helps prevent and treat stomach cancer
Tomatoes are vegetables and fruits that swept the two major areas of popular fruit, with rich in vitamins and minerals, researchers from the United States and Italy found that two varieties of tomatoes (San Marzano and Corbarino) of the total extract can prevent the growth of gastric cancer cells and inhibit the malignant characteristics.
The researchers examined the effects of San, Marzano, and Corbarino, two extracts of tomatoes, on gastric cancer cell lines. They found that each extract not only blocked the growth of gastric cancer cells, but also interfered with the metastasis of cancer cells.
In addition, the researchers found that the anti-cancer effects of the whole tomato extract were not specific to a particular compound. Their antitumor effects do not appear to be related to certain components (such as lycopene), and seem to suggest that the anti-cancer effects of tomatoes are overall effective.

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