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Pine Bark Extract

Pine bark first can help improve some of the signs of DNA damage, while removing the "free radicals", and then pine bark can also help to improve the phenomenon of edema, to protect the role of ultraviolet radiation. Some people with inflammation can use pine bark to have anti-inflammatory effects, and it can also help to promote the body's growth hormone secretion.

  • OSA011

  • Latin Name: Pinus Maritima Lamb.
  • Part Used: Bark
  • Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Specification: 95% Proanthocyanidin(Tested by UV)
  • Appearance: Reddish brown fine powder
Pine bark extract is a kind of material extracted from the bark of pine. The pine bark from the tree was collected, flattened and extracted. Which contains a large number of compounds called OPCs (the original anthocyanin oligomer) compound. OPCs has been found in many plants since the French scientist Dr. Jack Maskeli isolated OPCs from the peanut shell in 1947. In a large number of studies, it is proved that OPCs is an effective antioxidant, and has no toxicity and no mutagenicity. Very safe to use. Pine bark has been proved to be a new source of OPCs, OPCs from pine bark extract, regardless of the quality and functionality are not any different, but there are some small differences in appearance.
1, inhibition of lipoprotein oxidation and hydroxyl free radical induced DNA damage;
2, beneficial to the treatment of asthma;
3, anti edema. External use can protect the skin from UV damage;
4, anti-inflammatory and immune regulation;
5, to prevent tumor necrosis factor alpha induced atherosclerosis;
6, reduce the body's blood "bad cholesterol". Improve the plasma antioxidant capacity and adjust the plasma           lipoprotein ratio;
7, to extend the life of vitamin C, activated vitamin C and vitamin E, and carotenoids such as astaxanthin (English called Astaxanrthin, referred to as ASTA), with better results;
8, protect the eye retina from oxidative stress reaction caused by damage;
9, the auxiliary treatment of diabetic retinopathy, help to prevent and treat retinal disease, etc..
Transaction Terms:
Minimum order quantity:1 kg
Payment Approach:T/T     L/C     Western Union
Port:China Main Ports
Supply Capacity:
Supply Ability:1000kg per month
Delivery Date:3-5 working days after payment
Normal Package:Double plastic bag inside, aluminum foil bag or fiber drum outside.
          ***Support Free Sample but Freight Payed by Customer***
1. Healthy Brain Function
3. Healthy Cholesterol Level
4. Healthy Blood Pressure