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Bilberry extract relieve eyestrain

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Recently, Omunika, Japan's leading provider of raw materials for functional foods, used bilberry extract in randomized controlled trials (RCT), confirming the usefulness of blueberries in relieving eye fatigue. The series, which began in January 2015 and ended in February 2017, had four papers published.

According to media reports, Omunika supplies blueberry extract powder "milt Argos" by patent in the extraction process method to promote bioavailability, which can boost the intestinal absorption rate of anthocyanin glycosides. As a functional component, the extract contains bilberry anthocyanin, and a range of functional labeling foods have been successfully declared.


As a functional ingredient, the extract comprises anthocyanin produced from bilberries.

The company reported the RCT results of the raw material for the first time in January 2015, and four papers have been published since then, in the "new" and "eye" pharmacology treatment accept Japan peer-reviewed academic publications. All RCT are wrapped in the raw material "milt Argos" to ensure that it provides a noticeable relaxation effect on eye tiredness induced by computer (PC) and video display terminal (VDT) operation. It is understood that the new research was co-published by Hokkaido University Graduate School of Science, Professor of Ophthalmology prominent expert Ishida Shin, and Zhao Daye.

Omunika President Takao Kuki explained why repeated randomized controlled trials are used to validate raw materials: "the publication of each paper will bring new challenges to face, and it is very important to explore the new challenges in future research."

Four research findings

The first study discovered that taking 160 mg of milt Argos daily can successfully relieve eye tiredness caused by VDT surgery.

In the second trial, the same conditions were used to cause ocular fatigue, which was validated with a lower limit of effective absorption of 107 mg per day (converted to anthocyanin at 40 mg).

In the third trial, we looked at how to reduce eye tiredness under the same conditions. The purpose of this study is to confirm the contents of three aspects: during the intake until the onset; differences from the second report form, validity and consistency after ingestion; effectiveness of "mild Argos" uptake, and the link with anthocyanin concentration in blood.

In the most recent fourth study, the consumption of the substance was positively connected to anthocyanin concentrations in the blood, confirming that chronic eye fatigue symptoms were eased in those with high anthocyanin concentrations in the blood.

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